Private Market Flood
"A Simple Alternative to FEMA Flood Insurance"

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  Purchasing TFIA's Private Market Flood insurance policy is simple.        

Thousands of property owners have already made the switch.        

                        1. Instantly quote your own policy:  All flood zones AE, A1-A30, A, AH and AO policies up to $500,000 (NO

                        2. Submit an online application if you liked your quote and would like to purchase a policy.

                        3. Receive approval from our underwriters within 1 business day (usually within an hour).

                        4. Pay for the policy. If your lender currently pays your premium we will bill them.

                        5. Receive your policy via email the same day premium is received!

                                                                    Please note our newest program below:

                         Single primary flood policy up to $2,000,000 for HIGH VALUE, positively elevated properties in all flood
                         zones AE, A1-A30, A, AH, AO, VE, and V1- V30 (ELEVATION CERTIFICATE REQUIRED) Click Here
                                        ***eliminates the need for an excess flood policy
                                        ***removes FEMA from claims handling process of high value properties
                                        ***single specialized adjuster for high value claims

Evan Hecht, CEO of The Flood Insurance Agency, announced today that the Company now provides over two billion dollars of flood insurance insurance coverage to more than 10,000 clients. Now offering private flood insurance in 37 States, the agency issues one private flood policy every six or seven minutes. "That is a testimony to the public acceptance of our program as an alternative to FEMA flood insurance," said Hecht.



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