Private Market Flood
"A Simple Alternative to FEMA Flood Insurance"

  Purchasing TFIA's Private Market Flood insurance policy is simple.        

Thousands of property owners have already made the switch.        

                        1. Instantly quote your own policy from your State page (no elevation certificate required).

                        2. Submit an online application if you liked your quote and would like to purchase a policy.

                        3. Receive approval from our underwriters within 1 business day (usually within an hour).

                        4. Pay for the policy. If your lender currently pays your premium we will bill them.

                        5. Receive your policy via email the same day premium is received!

Evan Hecht, CEO of The Flood Insurance Agency, announced today that their Private Market Flood™ program now insures more than $1 Billion of property value. Now operating in 34 States, the agency issues one flood policy every six or seven minutes. "That is a testimony to the public acceptance of our program as an alternative to FEMA flood insurance," said Hecht.

Kind words from a happy customer...."Great Alternate to FEMA Flood Insurance. We live in Kansas in an area where it rarely to never floods but we are required to have flood insurance since we are within the 100 year flood plain. We are a young couple and this was our first home. We have had FEMA insurance for 5+ years now and during this time we saw our premiums nearly double during the last few years. The insurance on the home was getting to be so much that we were considering moving because we were barely able to make the payment. We had no idea that there was a private market flood insurance company that could provide us coverage at a competitive rate compared to FEMA. In the matter of minutes I was on the website and had a quote of the costs to switch to The Flood Insurance Agency at Lloyd’s. The amount of savings was incredible and we were able to keep the same coverage as our current policy. I quickly called the bank to check on my policy and we were able to change insurance carriers by the end of the next month when my current policy expired. The process was quick and easy. I worked with several representatives and was able to print and sign the documents shared in a couple of emails. TFIA worked with my bank to make all the changes needed on our escrow account. Within a week of receiving our new policy we had a check in the mail from our bank. They were refunding us the amount of overpaid money from our FEMA policy that we had been paying in over the last year. I have already recommended TFIA to neighbors and friends and others are making the switch also. Thanks to TFIA we are able to stay in our home."

Same coverage as FEMA; accepted by every major mortgage lender; no elevation certificates required; uses same claims adjusters as FEMA.Older homes, second homes, non-primary residences, commercial properties and small apartment buildings enjoy significant savings compared to FEMA policies. The program is attempting to reach out to an even broader audience by lowering the minimum policy coverage from $100,000 building coverage to only $50,000 building coverage.

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