In the short time since we began in October 2013 we have written over $65,000,000 of private flood insurance premiums. The Flood Insurance Agency's Private Market Flood program now provides over $3.6 billion dollars of flood insurance coverage for residential, habitational and commercial properties. A client applies for, or purchases a Private Market Flood policy every four to five minutes. A unique user visits our website every 52 seconds! That is a testimony to the public acceptance of our program as an alternative to FEMA flood insurance.


Private Market Flood is excited to announce our program has reached the milestone of 19,000 in force private flood insurance policies! Private Market Flood offers competitive rates in 37 states, and the Company now offers four options to lock in the annual premium, guaranteeing premiums will not increase, for the following year. "The #1 question we are asked every day is: 'what will my premium be next year?'. We listened, and have now given our clients the ability to avoid their premiums going up each and every year," said Evan Hecht (click to view bio), the CEO.

John Cofer April 28, 2017
•Service for a new policy was very quick and the response to any question is always prompt and accurate. Will continue to use for our agency's flood needs.

Susan Hooten April 27, 2017
•Callie Carlisle has given me EXCELLENT Service, I emailed her and had it in two seconds. Wonderful to deal with everyone at your company, even all the way to the top Eric Weber!!!

Melanie Baugh April 27, 2017
•Just a note to say Thank You for the service we were provided for this policy. The Lender sent us a request for evidence of insurance but changes were needed for the insurance. I'm happy to say I emailed a request and had the revised policy and revised renewal notice within minutes!! Thank you for the prompt service Jessica Magill!!

D M April 27, 2017
•Great Service, thanks for your help!

Sean Hosfield April 26, 2017
•The entire team does a great job supporting Insurance agents! Every time I have a tight deadline and need an application, a policy question or endorsement change, they have come through for our agency. Great partnership and too many names to mention! Give each other a high five for me!!

Valerie Wilson April 26, 2017
•It is always a pleasure working with the staff at TFIA! In this crazy world of real estate, where deals don't close on time, or Lenders want different dwelling amount coverages - the staff at TFIA ALWAYS take care of it....with a smile!..AND FAST! BIG SHOUT OUT to Kylie Lizak and Jessica Magill who have jumped through many a hoop for me and my clients! Great Job!! and THANK YOU!!!

Julie Caron April 26, 2017
•Just wanted to drop a quick note to say your company is awesome! The customer on the phone and email is top notch, I can call with a question and get an immediate answer or email a change and in less than 30 minutes I have a dec page. Thank you.

Roxann Deitrick April 25, 2017
•Our agency has always been very pleased with the service we receive. Rates, efficiency, accuracy and customer service. Thank you!

Ginger Ohnmeiss April 25, 2017
•TFIA is excellent. You are so easy to work with. The staff is both knowledgeable and efficient. You have helped save our clients a lot of money!

Beth Porambo April 25, 2017
•Friendly, hassle - free, customer service from Allyson today!! Thank you for your help!

Terry Brown April 25, 2017
•Great customer service. I greatly appreciate the great customer service provided when issuing new policies as well as servicing existing ones. I always receive exceptional service and the turn around time is phenomenal!

Michael Holmes April 25, 2017
•Jessica, Thank you so much. I appreciate your quick responses and great customer service.

Maya Balandina April 24, 2017
•Thank you a lot for your quick response and it was my pleasure to work with you. You made my day and expectations.
Warm Regards, Maya Balandina

Sharon McFadden April 24, 2017
•The staff here has been amazing, such a help to us. By writing this with your company the client saved over 2000.00 annually. A very satisfied customer! Thank you!

Deb Patterson April 21, 2017
•I spoke with Justin today 4-21-17 and asked about flood insurance as I have FEMA. My OWN insurance company told me FEMA has to approve private insurance! Justin informed me this is NOT true! I am currently paying $1,120 per YEAR with a 25% INCREASE EACH year! My quote here is HALF of what I am paying AND NO INCREASE! Justin is LITERALLY helping to keep me in my home as I could NOT afford these yearly increases and must have insurance as I have a loan on my house. Justin THANK you! They need to give you a pay raise! I truly am grateful to you thank you! ~ Deb Patterson-Barkhimer

Christine Mercauto April 20, 2017
•I contacted The Flood Insurance Agency in regards to a policy that did not have the company I work for listed correctly on the policy. I was given an e-mail address to send my request for a correction. Taylor Sheffing responded promptly with a copy of the corrected policy. All in all this process was handled timely, accurately, and pleasantly. Thank you!

Teresa Nottingham April 20, 2017
•I wanted to say THANK YOU for the awesome service from Taylor Scheffing. She was very responsive and helpful. She answered my emails in minutes, not hours. Much appreciated!!

Gayle Penick April 19, 2017
•You have been very easy to work with and very accommodating. Your staff is very friendly and helpful. Thank you so much.

Jessy Adams April 18, 2017
•Working with Taylor Scheffing has been great. She is quick to respond and handles things diligently and professionally. Very happy with the service she provides to our agency.

Mark Allen April 18, 2017
•Kate Burns has really went out of her way to make me a happy customer.

Iliana Fernandez April 17, 2017
•Friendly and prompt service. I am very happy with the customer service provided by the underwriters at TFIA. They are friendly and prompt besides accurate in what they turn around. Thanks for helping me make my job a little easier Kate Burns and Eric Weber.

Scott Hoffman April 17, 2017
•Kate provided me with the best most friendly customer service possible. Very impressed with the level of professionalism!!!!

David Corso April 14, 2017
•I just wanted to thank everyone for the help on this case today. I know when I spoke to Kate this morning I told her I was looking for a new home to place flood. And I found it.You guys went above & beyond!! Much appreciated. Have a Great Easter!!!

Karla Butterbaugh April 13, 2017
•The agency is always very quick to respond to a request or an endorsement. Enjoy working with everyone!

Cynthia Kropp April 12, 2017
•Absolutely amazing turn around service. Policy quoted, approved and issued in just a few hours! I will be back when I need another flood policy, Thank you to Jessica and Jennifer!!!

Gini Ernst April 12, 2017
•As a Bank Flood Specialist, The Flood Insurance Agency has always been available to answer any question I have in reference to our existing borrower, and always offers assistance to help me obtain what is needed. The personnel is a solid 10 and I have referred borrowers to contact The Flood Insurance Agency for their insurance needs. Keep up the great attitudes and always going the extra mile to assist! You are appreciated!

Elizabeth Didone April 11, 2017
•The wonderful staff at TFIA have been very helpful. Responding quickly to questions, ensuring the policies are completed quickly and accurately. They have been great to work with, and I look forward to working with them further. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication- it shows in the overall workmanship.

Lauren Smiley April 11, 2017
•Very appreciative of Kate. She is friendly and helpful!!!

Carmen Zubietta April 11, 2017
•Ms. Alzate was very diligent and courteous in answering my question and she took care of my request immediately. Thank you for your excellent service.

James Jenks April 10, 2017
•Not too many private companies to buy flood insurance from. Love that I had another choice other than FEMA rates through a regular insurance company. I wish I knew this earlier. I have been paying for flood insurance for 20 yrs. This is a product I could sell if I was a licenced insurance agent.

Beverly Cutshaw April 7, 2017
•This is the first time I have had to call an 800 number in a while but every time I do it's usually a hassle to get whatever I am requesting or a bad customer service rep.I am in the mortgage business and deal with insurance agents and title companies all day. Kyle was very polite and quick to respond to what i was requesting for one of my customers. Thank you for your great customer service!

Nancy Hillman April 7, 2017
•Kyle has provided great service to me on my policies. Lots of extra work was needed. Not often do people say when a great job was performed! We usually only hear about complaining!! so sad!! So, I just wanted you to know that KYLE was very helpful.

Tami Cox April 7, 2017
•Sarah and team saved us with a borrower that needed a lower premium for flood insurance (Your premium was less than their current company!). Not only did you guys get them a lower rate, but you got it to us same day (in less than 2 hours I THINK!!). THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Andrea Howard April 7, 2017
•Great Service! Every time I have called or emailed my questions are answered immediately and everyone is so friendly. It is easy to quote and issue a policy! I love having another option available for flood insurance. Thank you

Carol Cameron April 6, 2017
•I had to have an endorsement to change a mortgagee on a flood policy. I called your company and Jennifer Alzate answered the phone. Asked how I could make the change and she advised just to email her the request. Which I did... I had the endorsed declaration back within a few minutes. What service!!! I will pass this information on to our agents in our office.

Judy McGee April 6, 2017
•Callie Carlisle helped me with some renewal problems and was very quick to get back to me with the answers that I needed.

Nancy Hillman April 6, 2017
•Kyle was VERY helpful on a few changes I needed on two policies. Great Customer Service!!

Sarah Maxon April 6, 2017
•Great experience as a lender on a rush file. Great service and fast turn around.

Gerald Bohrer April 6, 2017
•Jessica, you are the best! If you were local we treat you to lunch or something. Not just me but I’m sure the rest of my personal lines team would thank you for your help and what you do for our agency!

Mike Finocchairo April 5, 2017
•TFIA helped me save a customer of mine literally thousands of dollars on a flood renewal with a 2 year rate lock. He is of course very happy and I have probably locked up his business. The process was quick and easy. Everyone, especially Jessica Magill, was great to work with. Keep up the good work Jess.

Craig Thoburn April 5, 2017
•I needed a flood policy for a closing the next day, your team provided this the SAME day and this closing happened as scheduled.This closing had been delayed many times for many reasons. I sincerely appreciate your teams hard work on this policy. Thanks again,Craig T. Citywide Insurance Wheeling WV

Norma Winder April 4, 2017
•I did a quote this morning and then submitted the application. I received the application, insured signed it, made the payment by EFT. Within 30-45 minutes I had the declaration page! All in the same day!! Easy to deal with & great customer service.

Diane Offen April 4, 2017
•Jessica Magil was very helpful in assisting me to obtain a quote, submit application, payment, issue the policy and then Endorse it immediately for a closing on 4/5/17 - this process began around 3:30 PM yesterday and then finalized this morning.

John Bria April 3, 2017
•This is one of the easiest processes I've ever had to do. Your response time getting back to me was almost immediate. Not to mention the savings. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Jess Clancy April 3, 2017
•I would like to take a moment to thank Callie Carlisle for all of her hard work and constant professionalism. Any time I have a question or need an endorsement processed Callie is so quick and efficient. Flood is not an easy line of business for me but everyone at TFIA makes it as easy as possible and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for all of your help and hard work!

Justin W March 31, 2017
•Kyle and all others I dealt with were prompt and professional in helping me fulfill my clients needs for coverage that the bank required!

Sam Cross March 31, 2017
•Great customer service for agents & customers. Tthe process of purchasing flood insurance is easy without the FEMA red tape.

Debi Thagard March 30, 2017
•The quoting & application process is so fast & so easy! The approved application was returned to me within 30 minutes from submission. Sarah was pleasant & helpful walking me thru the process. Not to mention the premium was half of the quote from NFIP.

Jennifer Rudzinski March 30, 2017
•I can only say that Kate Burns and Allyson Schmitz have been absolutely fantastic in helping with any and all questions/requests I have, and I've had many. Thank you so much for all your help and you have an amazing team!

Johnathan Davis March 29, 2017
•There is a stigma that acquiring flood insurance can be a hassle but that was not the case with Jennifer. She was polite, knowledgeable, and very attentive with assisting us to get the policy started. I was most shocked at the speed to which she was able to review the application and respond informing us on the next step on binding the policy. I hope to continue business with Jennifer in the future!

Laura Hart March 29, 2017
•I just wanted to let you know that your customer service is excellent-- not only are the responses prompt, but my question is usually resolved in one email. That is such a pleasure in the Florida insurance industry these days. Callie and Jessica are both assets to your company.

Christal Bradstreet March 29, 2017
•Excellent Customer Service! I wanted to reach out and let you know that Justin Bryer (TFIA-5700 SW 34th Street, Suite 402-B,Gainesville, FL) provided an excellent experience. I work in a Flood Insurance Monitoring department for a Bank in Williston Vermont. After obtaining his information from our mutual client, I reached out to Justin (via phone and email) to give him a heads up regarding information we'd be looking for and would need regarding the Flood Insurance client's policy. When I reached out with a Compliance Form we needed to show NFIP standards were being met he anticipated what I would need and sent over the Private Market Flood Policy Information packet and pointed out what we wanted to see. He was very timely and prepared when our client was ready to move forward. I work with a lot of agents and was very impressed with the service provided by Justin.

John Lathrop March 29, 2017
•Amazing Service! TFIA continues to amaze us. The underwriters are so eager to get the policies issued correctly and promptly. All questions are answered immediately and accurately. Our entire staff at Lathrop Insurance loves dealing with the TFIA personnel. TFIA has restored the sanity to Flood insurance! Thank you!

Yvonne Dehn March 29, 2017
•Fast Efficient Service! I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Kiki Cleare who gave me a quote for additional coverage for an insured. She responded with the quote quickly and our insured was so happy with the service.

Richard Morrissey March 28, 2017
•Just to let you know it would take rain for months or a year to flood our house we have lived in our house for over 28 years and because we are on a hill we have never had standing water but because of FEMA we were close to losing our home because of high rates for something that probably wont happen. Then we finally found your company who saved us money. What a God send. Why other insurers don't tell us about your company is beyond me thanks for your company .

Tracey Barry March 28, 2017
•Thank you for the great renewal premium!

Christie Wordell March 27, 2017
•Sarah is extremely proficient and courteous! She makes doing business with your office a pleasure and we're all very confident in the abilities of the staff!!!!!!

Larry Weaver March 24, 2017
•Thank you for the SUPER SERVICE from Sarah Keen!

Catherine Erin O'Neill March 24, 2017
•I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the prompt, efficient response I got from one of your agents, Jennifer, when I called for help with a letter I had gotten from my mortgage company. After I sent her a digital copy of the letter, she researched the status of my flood zone, assessed the situation, and responded back to both me and my mortgage company in less than 24 hours. As a customer, I am relieved to know that the matter has been handled so well, so thank you so much to Jennifer and to the Flood Insurance Agency for addressing my question.

Regina Dabbraccio March 24, 2017
•It is such a pleasure to work with Kate Burns. She is always there to answer your question by phone or email. She handles items quickly. It is nice to know you can ask for something, have it completed and returned to you the same day. Wow, that rarely happens. Kate is professional and attentive. She is an asset to you company.

Kristen Conklin March 23, 2017
•Sarah was extremely helpful in the process of finding my client a more affordable price on his flood insurance. The client is happy and so am I! Thank you for all the help!

Lisa Frakes March 23, 2017
•I processed my first application with you. The experience was very easy and your staff is GREAT! I had a couple changes due to the mortgage company and closing date and I had a response and updated declaration page within 30min. Great price as well. It will be great working with you in the future. Thank you!

Loren Marozas March 22, 2017
•TFIA staff by far exceed any and all expectations I have of working with a broker as partner for insurance. We all know they are knowledgeable, but they also have the best customer service to combine for the best experience! Thank you as always for the great work you do!

Robert Ilaria March 21, 2017
•Callie and the whole staff have been great to deal with. Renewal offers & policy info is always sent in a timely manner.

Jess Clancy March 20, 2017
•I would like to take a moment to thank Kiki Cleare for all of her hard work and constant professionalism – any time I have a question or need a change made Kiki is so quick and on efficient. Thank you for all of your help and hard work!

Anastasia Roumeliotis March 20, 2017
•I am very happy with your quick response and the fair cancellation refund.

Patrick Mahoney March 20, 2017
•Excellent Service! I recently had the pleasure to work briefly with Kyle Lizak in regards to getting a policy bound. Kyle was quick, responsive, and helpful in making the process easy for our office and our insured. Keep up the good work, Kyle!

Laura Lee Buncher March 20, 2017
•Service was efficient, professional, and took an interest in helping the client. Thank you.

Michelle Schirmer March 17, 2017
•Justin was more than 100 percent helpful. Thank you for the policy!

Susan Dillenbeck March 16, 2017
•Today was the 1st time I have written a policy with your company for one of our producers. Kyle Lizak was patient with me and didn't give me a hard time every time I had changes. Thank you Kyle! Every insurance company out there should learn great customer service skills like yours! -- myself included!

Bobby Harrell March 16, 2017
•You guys are great. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

John Wiegman March 15, 2017
•I want to sincerely thank Mr. Justin Bryer for his outstanding customer service while handling my application. My NFIP premium annual increases were ridiculous on a waterfront home built in 1949 that had never suffered flood damage. Mr. Bryer answered all my questions and helped me by answering all my questions. I highly recommend TFIA and its most talented and professional agent Mr. Bryer.

Gerladine Lewis March 13, 2017
•Thanks so much for making it easy to obtain your flood insurance, also for promptly sending the information and confirmation of payment. It was nice to get a real person on the phone instead of automated ones!

James Hall March 10, 2017
•Thanks very much for the outstanding service of Ashley Tozo for handling this application with speed and understanding. We were able to save our customer a lot of money compared to a FEMA policy. Thanks again.

Michael Culak March 8, 2017
•I was so sick and tired of the yearly rate increases and the ridiculous premiums on my NFIP policy. I was desperate for a solution, and I found it with TFIA. The sign up process was simple and straightforward, and the rates are fairly reasonable for the amount of flood risk my property has. I finally feel more like I'm paying my own way instead of paying for the high risk coastal property owners who insist on living where it repeatedly floods. Thank you TFIA.

Danielle Koury March 8, 2017
•I am writing because I had emailed with Callie Carlisle yesterday about a customer affidavit. It was the very end of the day, 4:40pm. I sent over a signed customer affidavit and she responded within 3 minutes that she already processed it. I've emailed other companies and at that time they would have saved it until the next day. This service was unexpected and outstanding! Thanks Callie, I look forward to working with you again!

Candace Barleta March 7, 2017
•I called to purchase flood insurance on March 6, 2017. I received excellent customer service from Kate who was kind enough to guide me through the application process. She was polite, professional and proficient in her job. I also had the pleasure of working with Justin for the processing of my application. He called me in a timely manner and was also extremely courteous , pleasant and knowledgeable. I have been assisted by Justin in past years and always remembered his name because of the excellent customer service he provided. Both agents are truly valuable assets to your company.

Casey Stein March 7, 2017
•I have been working with TFIA for a couple years now, and anyone I have ever worked with has been so efficient and helpful! I had an emergency closing requirement. I requested a rush - and seriously had my application and pre-approval within minutes. This saved my client and their loan closing - THANK YOU (especially to Kyle Lizak who handled this so quickly)!!!

Zulma Sanchez March 6, 2017
•I just wanted to give credit where credit is due :) Kate Burns helped me out with revising a policy that was need it for a closing. She was prompt and extremely helpful! I really appreciated how willing to help us she was.Thank you so much for everything you all do! Again, a special thank you to Kate Burns.

Judith Beyda March 3, 2017
•Thank you! I was very nervous about changing my flood coverage but needed to find a more affordable alternative...I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH...not only for providing me with that but for the help of Justin of your representatives...he was not only helpful but so kind and patient and answered all of my questions and helped me with anything I needed...thank you Justin and thank you TFIA for everything...I look forward to doing business with you for years to come!

Clay Harper March 3, 2017
•Speed and Efficiency! I sent in a request for an application late Friday and Sarah Keen must have been sitting there waiting for it--I had it back in minutes! I'm not used to flood insurance being so fast and efficient but TFIA is both! Thank you for the great service!

Jim Black March 3, 2017
•As an agent, TFIA has been wonderful to work with. They are very quick to respond and always helpful and nice to work with. And, we have found them very competitive on many of our personal and commercial flood risks. Thank you!

Karrol Verrette March 3, 2017
•Recently I contacted Justin to assist me with binding a policy for a time sensitive closing for a higher value home. It did not surprise me that Justin treated me as if I was the only agent he had to assist as I have always received that kind of service from him. He walked me through the process and payment options. I was shocked to find that after the policy was bound and some corrections and changes came up I received the exact same ABOVE AND BEYOND service from everyone else that I spoke to. I had the privilege of being transferred to Allyson Schmitz. We were in a situation where if the wife was not added to the policy and listed on the Declarations Page the lender would not accept the policy and the closing would certainly be delayed. Within minutes I had a revised binder. I am very blessed to have wonderful clients. I feel very strongly about treating my clients with the type of service I would like to receive myself and it is so rare to find underwriters that step up to assist me like this. Like Justin, Allyson was exceptional in every way. I find it an absolute pleasure to do business with your company due to the wonderful people I have worked with. Thank you very much.

Maureen Kozempel March 2, 2017
•Great underwriting and customer service team! Working with the The Flood Insurance Agency is SUCH A PLEASURE! They made a very difficult refi simple and quick for me and our client! Thanks again Ashley and Kate!

Erin Hardy March 2, 2017
•Everyone is so great to work with!!! And we just love the product and what a great option for the client!!! Thank you!!!

Susan O'Sullivan February 28, 2017
•TFIA is EASY and super fast on processing applications. It took less than 1/2 hour.

Debbie Jones February 28, 2017
•Just wanted to let you know that Justin is Awesome! I found out about your company through an insurance class I was in. Your website is very user friendly. I was helping an insured take out a policy to save him some money and the whole process was so easy! Will definitely refer you to other customers. Justin Bryer was so helpful and fast with everything!

Deborah Palmer February 27, 2017
•Very, very happy with the service from The Flood Insurance Agency. Kate is always professional and very quick to respond to any updates I need processed. It's a pleasure working with them.

Valerie Wilson February 23, 2017
•Always a pleasure working with Jessica Magill and Eric Weber!! TFIA ROCKS!

Kelly Dahlberg February 23, 2017
•I have been a lender for 4 years and I just had my first loan that required flood insurance. I contacted my go to agent and he set me up with your website. I got a quote very quickly. My borrower called a number of people to get quotes as well, all of which were hundreds of dollars higher for the same coverage. We ended up going with Private Market Flood and they were always so helpful and nice. I had a great experience and now feel confident the next time I encounter a flood property! I would highly recommend them!

Marilyn Gallagher February 23, 2017
•Had some changes to make to the above flood policy - talked to Kaitie Graves and she gave me her email address to send my request, which I did. A few minutes later the insured called with another change - emailed Kaitie - and within minutes she had both endorsement processed.

Valerie Wilson February 23, 2017
•Just wanted to let you know it is ALWAYS a pleasure working with the staff at The Flood Insurance Agency! They are helpful, kind, fast and friendly! I just love TFIA! I insured my own home with them!

Donna Walker February 22, 2017
•I love the folks at The Flood Insurance Agency, not only did they save us a ton of money, but when you call you actually get a real live person to answer your questions. They are very efficient and will get you an answer quickly. I highly recommend this company.

Sissy Barber February 22, 2017
•Very happy with the service from The Flood Insurance Agency. It is nice to know that we do not have to wait days for an answer to our correspondence.

Concetto Luccarella February 20, 2017
•TFIA was extremely easy to deal with. You get a live person on the other end of the phone almost every time and if you don't they call you back quickly. I saved hundreds of dollars over my old insurance plan. TFIA made it quick and painless to switch. Thanks TFIA.

Stephen Calabrese February 17, 2017
•I purchased private market flood insurance two years ago and found the process to be simple and quick. I'm a repeat customer and would recommend this company for any and all flood insurance needs. Great staff as well!

Deann Heard February 17, 2017
•I was very pleased with the quick follow up from both Sarah Keen and Kiki Cleare when I emailed in yesterday. Thank you so much for your prompt attention.

Richard Long February 16, 2017
•Awesome Service!! This company is the best I've ever dealt with. The Flood Insurance Agency has provided me with the best customer service ever, while looking for flood insurance. A special thank you goes to Jennifer, who took the time to answer all of my question thoroughly. She was polite and extremely professional. All companies need to follow The Flood Insurance Agency's footsteps.

Danny Hobbs February 16, 2017
•TFIA is an outstanding agency regarding every aspect of what the ideal business should be, from obtaining our flood insurance to renewal and service information to their customers. Thank you to all the caring and considerate people who make this business such a great help to those in need of their services.

Chris Lang February 16, 2017
•Sarah and Eric were super responsive, easy to work with, and effective in every way. Thank you!

Robert Ilaria February 16, 2017
•The Flood Insurance Agency makes doing business a snap. Callie Carlisle sends my renewal offers 45 days prior to renewal. No long waits to your email questions.

John Chin February 15, 2017
•Top Rate Service and Price! I consider myself lucky to have found TFIA - Private Market Flood for my flood insurance needs. From their on line estimator quote feature to the people that work there it's TRUE that "they do what they say". I did their online self quote, the premium looked too good to be true so I called TFIA direct and spoke with Kaitie. She was very patient, polite and answered all my questions. She went out of her way to help me. You don't see much of that type of service anymore. She assured me the estimator was accurate and bottom line it was. I got an email from the underwriter Justin stating that I was approved for the quote. It took longer to get a regular home owners insurance quote. The people make the company! Thank you Kaitie and Justin for your professionalism and great service. I will recommend this company and its people to anyone needing flood insurance.

Jill Gregory February 15, 2017
•I would like to say that everyone over at TFIA has been nothing but wonderful to our agency over at John Biggio everything is done in such a timely matter and very helpful...Thanks again

Vito Manzi February 14, 2017
•Put a call in today about transferring a policy to a purchaser, spoke with Kyle. Couple minutes on the phone with him and he quickly answered my questions and emailed over the paperwork needed to complete the endorsement. Great service!

John Deleone February 14, 2017
•I received a great quote for getting flood coverage on my home.The staff were very friendly and helpful and did not try to sell me something I didn't need.

Diana Settles February 14, 2017
•Jessica has been one of the best individuals I've worked with involving customer service. I had issues getting my mortgage switched over with my mortgage company. Jessica resolved the issue by outreaching to the mortgage company with me on the phone as well. She also emailed me all updates -- which allowed me to communicate with evidence to my mortgage company. Jessica is an invaluable member of your team and serves as a model for others to emulate. Thank you for such professional service.

Terry C February 10, 2017
•My personal thanks to Allyson, Justin, and Kaitie for the excellent support in getting my new flood policies setup in record time. My old FEMA policies were about to expire so the team pulled together to expedite the process and saved me 50% off the new FEMA premium. This is the way to go. If you are considering a change, I strongly suggest you work with these folks.

Michael Patterson February 10, 2017
•I work for SunTrust Mortgage in the Insurance Department. We're required to obtain full policy jackets for annual reviews on all private flood policies. Whenever I request policies from Kate, I know that I'm going to receive them promptly and without issue. Her quick turnaround time helps me do my job, which in turn, helps our mutual clients.

Lauren Smiley February 10, 2017
•So grateful for the fast response time and helpfulness of the employees.

Beverly Pickard February 8, 2017
•Justin Bryer was very helpful and very responsive to my request for Private Market Flood Insurance.

Eleanor Lilik February 8, 2017
•Ms. Schmitz was very helpful, she was knowledgeable and courteous in answering my questions and explaining the options regarding my flood insurance renewal. It's refreshing to have a call answered so quickly and professionally.

Michelle Stafford February 8, 2017
•Thanks for making my life easier by offering us flood insurance and helping us get what we needed. They are easy to work with and were eager to accommodate us in any way that they could to help us get the flood insurance we needed.

Kimberlaine Johnson February 7, 2017
•I wanted to take the time to praise Kaitie Graves for her continued assistance and diligence in getting the necessary information to SunTrust for our mutual clients. She is prompt, courteous, and very involved and I can tell the customer is her number one priority – it is always a pleasure to correspond with her and I appreciate her hard work!

Nicole Branch February 3, 2017
•Best customer service from Allyson. Thank you.

Geri Osborne February 3, 2017
•I just wanted to say that I am so glad that I switched from FEMA to private flood insurance. FEMA prices were rising every year. With private flood insurance, I was able to get the insurance at a reduced rate and get a two-year policy. I am very happy with my decision.

Glyn Folk February 1, 2017
•I can not say enough about Jessica Magill and TFIA, but I'm sure going to try. For years I paid stupid, stupid money to FEMA for flood insurance. Finally, last year I went looking for an alternative and found TFIA. And thank goodness I did. When I told my agent I was doing it on my own he said good luck. When I got a quote from TFIA I couldn't believe my eyes. Ran the quote three times just to be sure. Filled out the app and Jessica Magill got in touch with me within three days. After that it was easy. Jessica took time to explain everything to me since I was new to doing this. She helped me ease through the process and even listened to my funny stories. Thank You Jessica. People, this company is new to the public(only three years) and a Godsend for people like me. I 100% recommend them. If I could do a commercial for them I would. Otherwise I am telling everyone I know about TFIA. Thank you again Jessica Magill and thank you TFIA. I saved a lot on my flood insurance!!! You can do the same.

Paul Cioffari January 31, 2017
•Two years ago I had no idea that flood insurance could be purchased outside the FEMA program. A neighbor told me about his experience with Private Market Flood. I checked it out and signed up for 2 properties I own saving nearly 50% for identical coverage. I have since told many others about the program and at least 2 have signed up. Keep up the good work.

John Costello January 30, 2017
•You folks are great to work with. We needed this flood insurance quickly to complete our requirements. You folks came through! Thanks again.

Sarina Bucks January 30, 2017
•I am just absolutely thrilled to find an alternative solution to flood insurance. My husband and I do not feel that flood insurance should be a federal program but a private program instead. The bureaucracy that occurs often times with federal programs is enough to make your head spin. This was such an easy transition from a federal insurance program to the private. Your company was so helpful and the process was cut and dry. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this and will be sharing my testimonial with many other friends who have the need for flood insurance. God Bless you guys!!

Cheryl Hydt January 27, 2017
•I cannot tell you how happy I was when a friend referred me to TFIA. I have two properties that require Flood Insurance and the FEMA policies were way more expensive. I have been telling everyone I know to look into coverage with your company.

Tiffany Rarick January 27, 2017
•I have been working on a flood application for the above client for a couple months now. The closing of the home is supposed to be next week, lets hope. It has been a little stressful for all of the closing dates for just this one client, but if it wasn't for the help of both Sarah Keen and Kyle I would have lost my mind by now. They have been so much help with this client as well as many others. I am very happy to be working with both of them when it comes to writing policies and any questions I may have and continue to look forward to working with them.

Jay Murphy January 27, 2017
•I want to tell you what a great job your team did with the new policies that we wrote with you. Service and response were the best. Looking forward to working with you guys going forward.

Dennis OHara January 27, 2017
•The TFIA staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Erica Rotenberry- January 25, 2017
•First Community Insurance Services, Inc. just recently got appointed with the private flood insurance, and since then I have received the best service from Sarah, Alyson, and Kate. This type of quality service certainly helps us as producers, better assist our customers needs. So thank you for being such a great partner!

Chuck Hartman- January 24, 2017
•I can't believe how fast I was able to get flood insurance, and at a good price. I needed the insurance to close my re-fi, While I am still waiting for a different insurance agency to call me back. With TIFIA- in under two hours I had a policy and the documents in hand to give to my lender. Wow!!!

Michael Bouchie- January 24, 2017
•I am extremely impressed with the professionalism of all the employees at TFIA. It has been extremely easy to work with this company, and has allowed our agency to bring in lots of new business. I can't say enough about TFIA and I look forward to working with them well into the future!

Carl Houde- January 24, 2017
•I'm highly satisfied. The flood insurance process with TFIA was simple and straightforward compared to my typical NFIP experience. The flexibility on lender payments is a great help in getting our partners in the loan world the coverage they need without the hassle. Thank you!

Marjorie Steel- January 24, 2017
•I would like to commend Kaitie Graves for such excellent and efficient customer service. It is a pleasure working with herand her prompt response is truly appreciated. She is a true asset for your company.

John DelVecchio- January 24, 2017
•My experience with Private Market Flood has been nothing less than outstanding. Each and every time I call I am met with a professional on the other end of the line. Just today, Katie Graves could not have been more efficient and professional as well as friendly. Its always a pleasure to do business with Private Market Flood.

Roxann Deitrick- January 23, 2017
•I'm always very pleased with the service I receive from everyone there. The customers love to save some money. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

Heather Cook- January 19, 2017
•I am so thankful for this company. I am forever thankful because now we can now afford our house payment...and still have the mandated coverage at such a REASONABLE price. Thank you so much for helping me and my family.

Mirna Baca- January 19, 2017
•Superb services/responsiveness. I would like to thank Jessica Magill and Justin Bryer for the outstanding service and responsiveness when working on renewals and new business with our agency. We are grateful and appreciate our partnership. Looking forward on working in many new business in the future.

Earl Allen- January 17, 2017
•Private Market Flood has saved me close to 1,000.00 a year in flood insurance. It was easy to apply. They are very knowledgeable and extremely fast. I Will recommend to everyone I know for sure.

Beth Cheetham- January 17, 2017
•Sarah Keen is my go to person for fast accurate information and help! She is excellent! I Enjoy working with people like Sarah Keen. She is courteous, fast and accurate! Thank you!

Beth Cheetham- January 17, 2017
•Kate Burns is terrific on speedy endorsements! She also observes they are done correctly!

Kaity Allietta- January 17, 2017
•I spoke with Kiki this morning in regards to a mortgagee clause correction which needed to be done asap for a closing. Kiki was helpful, kind and did an exceptional job getting the corrected declaration page to me in a timely manner. Thanks so much!

Della Jenkins- January 13, 2017
•I needed a rush endorsement to add content coverage of $30k for a loan that needs to fund today. Jessica Magill was amazing, she got the additional coverage immediately, emailed all forms required by the lender, and I was able to pay on line, and complete this entire transaction within an hour. So happy that this is our insurance company. Thank you so much.

Thomas Darin- January 13, 2017
•A great alternative to FEMA insurance and their bureaucratic bungling and inefficiency.

Melissa Ferguson- January 12, 2017
•I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with your superior customer service, great turn around times, and fantastic out of the box products that are offered. I really enjoy doing business with TFIA! I had a flood policy that needed to be handled for a flood closing tomorrow, I got the request at 4:59 PM today. I called to see if the request could be rushed so that I could get the application tomorrow morning, and within 30 minutes I had the application from Kyle Lizak! Thank you for your superb service! I appreciate it!!!

Katrina Hunt- January 12, 2017
•I want to say I am so pleased with the customer service & the friendly service I received! This is so easy to bind & if you do have questions there is always help usually before the phone rings twice. Sarah is especially helpful & I came in this morning & the Declaration the bank needed was right in my inbox.Thanks so much for your hard work, dedication & friendly service!!

Julio Lopez- January 11, 2017
•Ms. Kate Burns was very professional in providing the service requested. She listened carefully and delivered the documentation in a prompt manner. I was very satisfied and impressed with her level of service and courtesy.

Thomas Malphrus- January 10, 2017
•Kate Burns is the best. She recently helped me on a new flood policy for one of my Insured's new home purchase and was friendly, helpful and extremely fast. She also has a sense of humor, which is much appreciated. Thank you, Kate.

Joan Kennedy- January 10, 2017
•I emailed Kate asking for the declarations page for one of our customers and she had it to me in minutes! Appreciate the quick turn around! Thanks!

Pat Fifield- January 6, 2017
•I would like to commend Jessica Magill. We have been dealing with getting a reverse mortgage for several months now. We hit a final wall when we were informed that in order to complete our application, we must either get a letter from the county stating that we were not in danger of being in a flood (We reside 200 feet above a lake, on a mountain side, at the top of the mountain. Our chances of being flooded are nil.) However, in order to get that letter, we were going to have to go through FEMA and get a land surveyor out here at even more cost and loss of time. AAG referred us to The Flood Insurance Agency. Within literally seconds of being on the phone with Jessica, I felt as though we were finally understood regarding our frustration with getting the loan and all the red tape we were encountering. Jessica was able to help us within just a few minutes. She was patient, friendly, and understanding. If every person who was involved with customer service had the skills that Jessica has, there would never be any customer service complaints! Thank you, Jessica!

Kevin Zimmerman- January 4, 2017
•With most companies, we read how a customer sat on hold for hours waiting for customer service after wading thru confusing menus and when finally reaching a human they had no idea of what the customer needed.This is NOT that company! First and foremost, EVERY time I have called, there has been an actual HUMAN answering the phone (NO automated choice menus)! And EVERY time I have called that person was more than happy to help me with whatever I called about, be it renewal or additional coverage required by my (horrible) mortgage company or helping me with ways to save money on my policy.

I seldom take the time to write a glowing recommendation like this, but The Flood Insurance Agency is absolutely top notch. I want to especially mention the last woman I spoke with who's name is Sarah that helped me every step of the way with a problem and made what seemed like a huge deal with my mortgage company less complicated and took about 5 minutes to resolve. Again, if you are unfortunate to have the need for flood insurance, I cannot recommend this company highly enough. 8 out of 5 stars! Above and beyond great customer service! Thank you!

Karie Long- November 10, 2016
•An Agent's Dream! I no longer dread writing flood policies with the *other* flood service. Quoting and writing a policy was a breeze with TFIA. Customer service rocked and answered my "newbie" questions with excellence. Submitting an application and further instructions were very clear and concise. Turnaround time is spectacular.THANK YOU! You've made my job easier and saved my clients a ton of money!!

Dana Luna- September 15, 2016
•I wanted to say thank you so very much for expediting our claim. When I spoke to you on the phone that day, I must apologize for my tone and demeanor. Normally I never speak in such a manner, but this was just such an unexpected event and my frustrations over took me. 92% of our community flooded and construction people were already being booked up. I was so concerned that We could not afford our mortgage and our temporary rental fee. Now we are on our way to restoring our home, thanks to you and Mr. Alex. Trying to list our contents has been very emotional for me but I am getting there. My entire kitchen contents and appliances could not be saved. Most girls would be devastated over losing their shoes, clothing, jewelry, or purses, which those were also not salvageable; but losing my vintage corning ware and other kitchen stuff hurt the worst. Everyone teases me! But they sure do love to eat my Cajun cooking! If you are ever over our way, let me know and I will cook you the best gumbo ever! Once again, we appreciate so very much for your attentiveness to our claim.

Susan Hooten- July 11, 2016
•My clients are always Happy when I can save them money, whenever I have a question I call and immediately I have a answer. Love your company!!!!!

Danny Hobbs- March 10, 2016
•My experience with the agency has been outstanding, from the first inquiry to the final approval. The staff were all extremely helpful and constantly providing information during the application process. They all sent emails or answered my questions by phone immediately and finding an agency that responds so quickly is very rare in business today. My only suggestion is to continue to maintain the quality staff who you have now and special thank you to Justin Bryer.

Paula Collins- March 1, 2016
•I can’t thank this company enough! They literally changed my life! The honesty and kindness they displayed is amazing! I wish all insurance agents acted with as much integrity as they displayed. Thank You!

Arlene Breau- July 11, 2016
•During a phone conversation today with Josh Holcomb, an insured under the TFIA flood program through Lexington, our insured praised the work of his flood adjuster, Shane Moore. Mr. Moore was polite and professional. He was very diligent with finding everything that was damaged in the flood. He did not try to rush through it but paid attention to details of damage. Mr. Holcomb felt that Mr. Moore has treated him fairly and that he will write up the damages on equal levels for the company and the insured. His neighbors and friends told him horror stories about company adjusters overlooking damage and under-pricing to keep costs down and that they told him to hire a public adjuster. After Mr. Moore’s inspection, he now knows that what he has been told is not the case and that he is very comfortable with Mr. Moore handling his claim and that he will be treated fairly.

Brenda Vonada- July 6, 2016
•The TFIA flood company is a delight to work with. Someone answers the phone, almost always on the very first ring, you don't have to wait for a prompt. They are ALL very friendly and courteous, extremely helpful, very quick at reviewing your quote/application and emailing the information back. I am 100% satisfied with everyone on the team.

Susan Hooten- July 11, 2016
•My clients are always Happy when I can save them money, whenever I have a question I call and immediately I have a answer. Love your company!!!!!

Paula Collins- March 1, 2016
•I can’t thank this company enough! They literally changed my life! The honesty and kindness they displayed is amazing! I wish all insurance agents acted with as much integrity as they displayed. Thank You!

Arlene Breau- July 11, 2016
•During a phone conversation today with Josh Holcomb, an insured under the TFIA flood program through Lexington, our insured praised the work of his flood adjuster, Shane Moore. Mr. Moore was polite and professional. He was very diligent with finding everything that was damaged in the flood. He did not try to rush through it but paid attention to details of damage. Mr. Holcomb felt that Mr. Moore has treated him fairly and that he will write up the damages on equal levels for the company and the insured. His neighbors and friends told him horror stories about company adjusters overlooking damage and under-pricing to keep costs down and that they told him to hire a public adjuster. After Mr. Moore’s inspection, he now knows that what he has been told is not the case and that he is very comfortable with Mr. Moore handling his claim and that he will be treated fairly.

Brenda Vonada- July 6, 2016
•The TFIA flood company is a delight to work with. Someone answers the phone, almost always on the very first ring, you don't have to wait for a prompt. They are ALL very friendly and courteous, extremely helpful, very quick at reviewing your quote/application and emailing the information back. I am 100% satisfied with everyone on the team.

Campbell James- February 17, 2016
•TFIA Is Great! I applied On Friday, by Monday I was Insured! Very Professional People! They are the real deal! Thank Everyone for your help and I'm a customer for life!

Karen Dabkowski- February 15, 2016
•I am so very pleased with the professional way every employee at TFIA has conducted themselves both in placing and in cancelling my flood insurance. It had been a requirement of my mortgage lender and now that my mortgage is paid in full, it's an expense we can forego. Comparing Lloyd's to Allstate Flood (FEMA) here in the states, Lloyds has been a dream to work with.......... (and Allstate (FEMA), a nightmare.) Thanks again, Kudos to all of you!

Arlene Breau- July 11, 2016
•During a phone conversation today with Josh Holcomb, an insured under the TFIA flood program through Lexington, our insured praised the work of his flood adjuster, Shane Moore. Mr. Moore was polite and professional. He was very diligent with finding everything that was damaged in the flood. He did not try to rush through it but paid attention to details of damage. Mr. Holcomb felt that Mr. Moore has treated him fairly and that he will write up the damages on equal levels for the company and the insured. His neighbors and friends told him horror stories about company adjusters overlooking damage and under-pricing to keep costs down and that they told him to hire a public adjuster. After Mr. Moore’s inspection, he now knows that what he has been told is not the case and that he is very comfortable with Mr. Moore handling his claim and that he will be treated fairly.

Brenda Vonada- July 6, 2016
•The TFIA flood company is a delight to work with. Someone answers the phone, almost always on the very first ring, you don't have to wait for a prompt. They are ALL very friendly and courteous, extremely helpful, very quick at reviewing your quote/application and emailing the information back. I am 100% satisfied with everyone on the team.

Arthur Candelaria- February 11, 2016
•I would like to thank Allyson for helping me out. She is an example of great customer service!! That is what we are lacking in this country.

Annette Di Giovanni- January 29, 2016
•My insurance company could not get me affordable flood insurance, 2 years now, so I got 3 quotes that were around $2500. Agent from mortgage company referred me to, best affordable quote under $2000, and best customer service. Thank you thank you.

Jacqueline Frook- January 11, 2016
•I have had the best experience with this company. They have been nothing but efficient and professional, responding immediately! Excellent company to work with! Immediate results! So refreshing to see thorough professionalism!

Bernice Kotza- January 5, 2016
•The folks at TFIA have always been very helpful. Today I needed assistance and the staff was helpful and quick to assist. We have been doing business with the company for 16 years and have never been disappointed!

Catherine and Ian Robinson- December 29, 2015
•We saw a post on Facebook and looked into purchasing the flood Insurance. The entire procedure was so easy and effortless. Everyone we dealt with was professional and efficient. In no time at all we had our flood insurance in place. Excellent, efficient service, Thank you!

Pat Ciarfella- December 29, 2015
•I cannot express how appreciative I am of your company. Extremely fast, honest and helpful. All the other companies have yet to get back to me with a quote (requested 3 days ago)! Would give 5 plus stars for communication. Did not feel pressured at all to buy anything more than what was needed and representative even went out of their way to speak to my mortgage lender quickly. Hours from start to finish! Amazing service!!!

Tootie Hays- November 20, 2015
•Great Service. Hays Insurance ALWAYS get great service from your company. Keep up the awesome work!

Jim Shaffer- November 17, 2015
•Last week we worked with several members of The Flood Insurance Agency team in replacing our flood insurance coverage. Each of them was friendly and knowledgeable and saw to it that the entire task of securing the insurance and notifying our bank was completed. It was a great experience and we saved several hundred dollars. One of our neighbors also has flood insurance. We have already told them about our experience with your organization. Thanks again for your help in replacing our flood insurance.

Helen B Powell- November 3, 2015
•Yes I am very happy. You have made my day!! and I appreciate your help in getting my application approved . Thanks to Nicole Caffiero and thank you Sarah Keen.

Steve Hart- November 3, 2015
•Very good customer service. Very straight forward. Thank you!

Tim Robinson- October 29, 2015
•I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone at TFIA. I was in a very tight spot with a very short time frame or my closing date was going to be moved back and I was going to be homeless. The staff at TFIA was always very helpful, calm and knowledgeable throughout the process. Thank You again for helping and guiding me thru the process. I will and have recommended your company to everyone I have talked to about my new home purchase.

Jeff Lilla- October 27, 2015
•Was a pleasure doing business with TFIA . Almost cut my government provided coverage in half. Nice to finally have an alternative option.

Carl Forwerck- October 8, 2015
•FEMA has been extending flood regions everywhere, even in places that have never flooded and mortgage companies are requiring very expensive policies to cover these imaginary losses. The Flood Insurance Agency is making it way more affordable with their rates.

Michal Keath- October 6, 2015
•Great experience dealing with your company. Staff very helpful and courteous. Will recommend your company to others.

Chester Goins- October 6, 2015
•If you're tired of paying high prices for flood insurance give these guys a try. They cut my bill in half. Thanks for the great service.

Moores Insurance Group- October 1, 2015
•I have done business with The Flood Insurance Agency a few times now and my experience has been great! They have assisted me with any questions I had along the way and provided me with an additional outlet to save my customers money on flood insurance.

Richard Golen- September 28, 2015
•Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. You saved me a significant amount of money and kept my mortgage premium from being raised this year. Thanks Again.

Fred Boyd- September 09, 2015
•FEMA has raised the rates on non owner occupied housing to a prohibitive rate. They are making the no claims areas pay for the high claims areas. The Flood Insurance Agency has helped me keep my business going by reducing my premiums substantially. The process is relatively simple and my bank pays the premiums through the escrow account. Thank you again for your help.

Sharon Symonds- August 31, 2015
•I would highly recommend TFIA to anyone shopping for flood insurance. They made the whole process an enjoyable and easy one. Also, you can easily talk to someone when you call!

James Carnevale- August 28, 2015
•A Well Deserved Compliment-I don't know who will read this but I am hoping to capture the attention of not only the management and staff at TFIA, but any new potential clients as well.Dealing with everyone at TFIA has been a total and complete pleasure, from the agents all the way up the chain of command to the CEO has been a positive and memorable experience which I have never received from ANY other company in the past. This company stands behind their word and provides unsurpassed customer service and support to their clients. I had an issue where I was treated with disrespect and rudeness from a FEMA, NFIA agent, to the point where his ignorance and inaccurate information caused me to fall into a major panic attack. I then immediately called TFIA after normal business hours and left a detailed voicemail thinking my agent would call me the next business day. Well to my surprise, the CEO of TFIA heard my voicemail and heard my distress and took it upon himself to call me after hours on his own time. He put my mind at ease, and promised me that his company would help me every step of the way to resolve the issue and he also educated me on the correct FEMA policy information which that FEMA agent was totally incorrect about. No other CEO of any other company has ever taken the time to provide me with comfort and reassurance when a problem has occurred.The following morning, the director of operations called me and already had the situation resolved.This world would be a better place for us consumers if we had more companies like The Flood insurance agency and their TOP NOTCH staff. We need more companies to follow their business model where they really do care about their clients and also stand behind the products they sell!Finally, I want to finish my compliment by stating that I am not affiliated with or related to anyone that works for TFIA, I simply found them by doing a Google search and it was the best thing I ever did.A special Thank You to Evan, Eric, Celia and Justin for all of your help and support throughout the entire process of switching my Flood Insurance coverage away from FEMA and over to your company.

Teresa Pisauro- August 26, 2015
•Thank you for helping me get affordable flood insurance. For the past 5 years FEMA has been ripping me off.

Wayne Conyers- August 20, 2015
•Thanks for the alternate choice of flood insurance and especially the quick, courteous service and professional response! TFIA provided a painless, fast, very cost effective flood insurance policy that met requirements for property purchase. Agents were extremely polite and very thorough and professional.

Rochard Golen- August 12, 2015
•Top Service-Quick service, nice savings, pleasant and informative staff.

Charles Summerour- August 10, 2015
•Some of the best customer service ever from anyone. All communications (via email) were clear, responded to in a timely fashion, and the results were most acceptable.

Paul Healey- August 10, 2015
•I would just like to say that both Justin and Nicole have been very helpful. Great Company!

William Winn- August 7, 2015
•Your company saved me, my marina was declared in a flood zone this summer. My agent of several years was quoting me federal coverage that was more than what I paid with PMF. My mortgage holders were happy with the coverage. Very easy company to do business with. Thank you.

John Caldwell- July 27, 2015
•It took me a long time to find this agency that is not a part of the traditional flood insurance program of FEMA....I would give this agency a 5+ stars for price, responsiveness, and general customer service.

Carolyn Andersen- July 23, 2015
•I have always carried my flood insurance through FEMA, but this year the fee for coverage jumped more than it should have even though I sent in the required information to keep it at a reasonable price. I found this company using a Google search and I am very pleased with it. My new policy is for a slightly higher coverage than I had through FEMA and is much less expensive than the fee for renewing the old policy. It was easy and fast to deal with this company because everything was done electronically. All of my questions were answered by return email - no waiting. My application for my policy was accepted immediately and the policy was sent to me electronically. Nothing could be easier or more satisfactory. I do recommend this company.

Curt Bush- July 23, 2015
•Greatly surprised in the way the application for flood insurance was handled. Very professional, no nonsense, and agents were helpful. Extremely happy with quote & ease of completing the entire process.

Judith Fleming- July 8, 2015
•I want to extend my appreciation for the work Justin has done for me over the past few years on my flood insurance. He is always very responsive, prompt and follows through on any request. We often hear when people mess up; I just wanted you to know what a great employee you have.

Anne Paustian- June 29, 2015
•Your company cut my flood insurance policy cost in half. Fast service too. Thank you!

Tyson Seirer- June 25, 2015
•Great Alternate to FEMA Flood Insurance. We live in Kansas in an area where it rarely to never floods but we are required to have flood insurance since we are within the 100 year flood plain. We are a young couple and this was our first home. We have had FEMA insurance for 5+ years now and during this time we saw our premiums nearly double during the last few years. The insurance on the home was getting to be so much that we were considering moving because we were barely able to make the payment. We had no idea that there was a private market flood insurance company that could provide us coverage at a competitive rate compared to FEMA. In the matter of minutes I was on the website and had a quote of the costs to switch to The Flood Insurance Agency at Lloyd’s. The amount of savings was incredible and we were able to keep the same coverage as our current policy. I quickly called the bank to check on my policy and we were able to change insurance carriers by the end of the next month when my current policy expired. The process was quick and easy. I worked with several representatives and was able to print and sign the documents shared in a couple of emails. TFIA worked with my bank to make all the changes needed on our escrow account. Within a week of receiving our new policy we had a check in the mail from our bank. They were refunding us the amount of overpaid money from our FEMA policy that we had been paying in over the last year. I have already recommended TFIA to neighbors and friends and others are making the switch also. Thanks to TFIA we are able to stay in our home.

Charles Chaniyara- June 12, 2015
•Great service and each activity is easy like getting an estimate/quote, submitting an application and making payment on-line.

Jeff Smith- May 6, 2015
•I was tired of being at the mercy of federal flood insurance. Expensive, inflexible, and just downright arrogant. It's great to have an alternative insurance source. I've told many of my neighbors in our flood plain about this program and they are also enjoying the savings.

Arthur Dioli- May 6, 2015
•Thank You! I worked with Sarah Keen and I would like to thank the team for working with us to secure flood insurance. As an architect, I very much appreciated the great communication and all of Sarah's efforts in putting up with all my questions. The frosting on the cake is the amount of money you saved us! Thank you again.

Jay Welch- April 28, 2015
•Your service was great and very quick, could not be more pleased. Thank You!

Louis Jordan- April 27, 2015
•I was rather concerned about my FEMA flood insurance prices doubling in the last two years. It sent me searching for alternatives. I soon found THE FLOOD INSURANCE AGENCY after a quick search online. Their quote was less than FEMA and I had a policy in just a couple of days. Their staff was very responsive and the DocuSign system made the process very simple and convenient. I would recommend anyone to please check them out if you are in need of flood insurance alternatives.

Al Mohr- April 23, 2015
•Changing from my old flood policy to a private policy was effortless thanks to The Flood Insurance Agency. The online quote was fast and accurate. Best of all they reduced my prior policy expense by with the same coverage. All my questions were addressed quickly even after I purchased the policy. Everyone I worked with was friendly and professional. A great product and organization!!!

James McCarthy- April 20, 2015
•Easy to do business with and a good value for the money...

Eric Saxton- March 30, 2015
•It was a pleasure to work with the fine people (Justin/Eric) at TFIA, it was easy and done in two days and saved me money over other quotes that I received. Thanks again.

Mary Birarelli- March 20, 2015
•Wonderful Service! Cut my client's flood premium...and got great service from Justin and Mariah. Thank you both!

Mike LaRosa- March 12, 2015
•Great service and price!! Would recommend this company to anyone that needs flood insurance. They were cheaper than my old flood policy thru NFIP, and this is before another $500 increase and $250 surcharge.....The entire process was smooth and easy!! Definitely a happy customer!!!

Suzanne Woodcock- February 24, 2015
•Excellent Customer Service-We want to thank TFIA for excellent customer service and patience in answering our questions and providing timely information regarding our policy rates. So impressed!

February 10, 2015
•It is a pleasure working with you Eric, you have shown great leadership, patience and understanding. Keep up the great traits.

Al Bowens/Bee Solheim- February 07, 2015
•After getting quotes from several Ins. Co.'s with outrageous premium amounts, wanting the payment immediately. Knowing that I did not have that kind of money immediately, Then having to wait 90 days for the insurance to be approved, I found Lloyds of London. I applied, went through the form for pricing and found that your insurance was a reasonable amount and as soon as I signed the contract and made my payment, I had the insurance. I am so happy that I found you on the internet. We had to have flood insurance coverage within 2 weeks and you guys saved us money and our mortgage. Thank you so very much. The representative was also extremely helpful and easy to talk to . Thumbs up for Lloyds of London!!!!

Tootie Hays- February 6, 2015
•This is my first policy with Private Market and have had a very good experience with Sarah. So thanks Sarah!

Christine Dugan- February 3, 2015
•Excellent Customer Service-I just want to thank everyone at The Flood Insurance Agency for the excellent professional customer service they provide. Your agents are polite, efficient and do what they say they are going to do. It's reassuring to do business with a company that still feels the customer is always right. Thank you.

Michael Megoulas- January 12, 2015
•Everyone I have dealt with has been very friendly and helpful, plus you have saved me mucho dinero keep up the awesome work!!

Leonardo Aldecocea- January 9, 2015
•Thanks--I saved money with TFIA and Eric Weber (at TFIA) was outstanding. Thanks for processing my new flood insurance policy. The online experience was first rate, and the DocuSign process was easy and a time saver. Also, I would like to recognize the EXCELLENT service provided by Eric Weber at the Gainesville FL TFIA office. He was extremely prompt and responsive and made this process painless and pleasurable. My sincere thanks to Eric and your team! Best Regards...

Paul Rizzo- January 1, 2015
•Easy process start to finish. Just wanted to say I was put in contact with Justin Bryer and he made the process so quick smooth and easy start to finish to get insurance in place. We were in a time crunch bind from our lender and Justin got us all the policy docs we needed within 48 hours from our first conversation. From someone that is in the mortgage processing industry, i wish that everything was this easy in the mortgage process and applying for one. Thanks for saving us time and money.

Steve Bockenstedt- December 30, 2014
•Justin is very knowledgeable on flood insurance, saved a bunch of money compared to FEMA. It worked out great even when FEMA changed the flood zone rating.

John Dunakey- December 25, 2014
•Merry Christmas thank you for saving me lots of money.

Shyann Williams- December 19, 2014
•I have been with TFIA for a year now. It has been a great experience ever since I have had a policy with them. Before my policy expired, I was offered a three (3) month extension which I have never experienced before with any other agency. On top of that, when it is time to renew my extended policy, premiums will be significantly lower than the year prior. They are very efficient with timely correspondence and you will never be left confused about anything. TFIA is wonderful and I'm happy to have a policy with them!!

Corey Pribush- December 9, 2014
•5 star-Finally, a breath of fresh air. After paying nearly 4,500 a year with a FEMA policy, private market flood has cut my annual premium in more than half! Thanks for keeping my family out of the cardboard box on the corner, for this year at least...!

Heather Minnich- December 2, 2014
•I saved hundreds over FEMA and I am so grateful to have found you all. I'm so mad that NO ONE in the process of buying my house ever mentioned this alternative to FEMA.

Dennis Prochnow- November 21, 2014
•I wanted to thank you for the help I received from Sarah Keen and Justin Bryer made the process very simple. Thank you, Dennis Prochno.

Luis Rivera· November 20, 2014
•Thank You very much for the quick response. Didn't expect it this quick.

Susan Deleon· November 14, 2014
•I like the fact that she wanted to see the wording in an email (so we were all on the same page) and she handled the matter very efficiently and sent me a confirmation. A very pleasant experience, especially talking to a real person--without having to wade through

Matt Krepich‎ June 25, 2014 ·
•This company was a life saver for me. I was looking at a $6000 policy from FEMA for a $60000 mortgage and then my wife found this website offering a $100k policy for under $900. My mind was made up instantly to get with this company. Anyone in the Berwick area should know that First Keystone Community bank does accept this company's policy. Not sure of other banks but once they look into it everything checks out the same as a FEMA policy.

Valarie Norelli Campagna‎ June 10, 2014 ·
•Thank you so much here in New Jersey. You are the best. Let me know how I can help spread the word!!!!

Linda Paolicelli Kelly‎ June 10, 2014·
•I saved 40% compared to FEMA. Great company to work with.

Trish VanBuskirk‎ June 10, 2014 ·
•Thanks for saving me literally thousands of dollars on my flood insurance policy and allowing me to stay in my newly purchased little home!

Pam Dunleavy Gower ·‎ June 10, 2014 ·
•We are very thankful our insurance agent lead us to your site. Not only did we get great coverage from you, but we also saved a couple hundred dollars in our premium. I am recommending you to anyone I know that needs flood insurance.

Loren Marozas ·
•This product gives our agency the ability to help the home purchasing power of consumers and help strengthen the housing economy. Combined with competitive rates which gives us an advantage in the market, and the 'ease of doing business' has made the Flood Insurance Agency my go-to for all of my and my clients needs. Thank you for giving hope back to prospective and current homeowners!

Tammie Robeau Acosta ·
•Our agency has been writing Private Market Flood for customers for the last six months and we love it. The staff is efficient and extremely helpful. Turnaround time is quick.

Drew Scott ·
•Private Market Flood is really a great alternative to the expensive rates and bureaucratic labyrinth home owners face when trying to secure flood insurance through FEMA. This is an invaluable option for our customers living along Long Island Sound and inland waters of CT!

Andrew Turner ·
•Private Market Flood is so easy it's a no brainer! My customers are always amazed when I am on the phone with them and they ask about flood insurance and I can give them an accurate quote instantly. Not only is it easy but the prices are competitive. Thank you Private Market Flood for being a great option for us!

Carolyn Wasdin ·
•Private market flood in YOUR answer to flood insurance. Agents and consumers alike are COMPLETELY impressed with this product and the TFIA team. You too will be impressed - when it comes to flood insurance you won't find anyone more knowledgeable and helpful then this group. If you are in the market for flood insurance - make it a point to go to their website or give them a call.

Todd Llewellyn ·
•Our agency has a customer that certainly had the odds stacked against him for a new home purchase in a flood zone. The home was a foreclosure so there was no policy to assume. Writing a new policy he recd no subsidy. For the first year his premium was $4024.00. With the start of private market flood insurance his premium lowered to $2294.07. That is a savings of $1729.93! To add that working with the folks at Private Market Flood was seamless and one of the easiest processes we have had to write a policy sure made life easier. Second policy being written this week. Again a $1500 savings to the customer.

Sue Fairchild ·
•Our agency has been writing with TFIA for about six months now and it has been life changing. Our town, Lewisburg, PA, and the surrounding areas, are right along the Susquehanna River. We’re used to the flooding and we’re accustomed to all that comes with those floods, but when Biggert-Waters started that all changed. People were seeing increases in the thousands of dollars and on the verge of losing their homes. They have come to us begging for help and with a lot of questions. We even recently participated in a town hall meeting in Muncy, Pa that was well received. It’s not about the money – it’s about the people. TFIA agrees and we have been able to answer the client’s questions and to provide affordable insurance for their peace of mind. I have had people tell me that we are life savers and that they could never afford flood insurance now without us and TFIA. The staff is friendly and very efficient – a far cry from how the NFIP works. Without elevation certificates or long complicated applications - it's been so much easier to provide insurance for our clients. Even our clients can't believe how easy and painless it is! It’s been a pleasure working with them to assist our clients together.

Andrea Newman ·
•Hartselle and Associates has written several policies and our customers greatly appreciate having an alternative to FEMA! We have saved a few of them thousands!!! The agency appreciates the easy application process... :)