Moratorium Details: Hurricane Irma

9/14/17 8:00 AM: Private Market Flood has removed statewide moratoriums for new business applications. County based moratoriums will remain in effect and will be removed as the flooding subsides.

9/5/2017 8:00 AM: As of Tuesday morning, Hurricane Irma has strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane. The entire East Coast remains on alert and are strongly advised to prepare for the hurricane. The moratorium has been extended to effective dates 9/20/2017 or earlier for all states listed below.

9/3/2017 12:00 PM: As of Sunday morning, Hurricane Irma re-strengthened into a Category 3 hurricane. Experts indicate that the storm could become a powerful Category 5 in the coming days, making it one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The moratorium remains in place as stated below.

9/2/2017 3:00 PM: As of Saturday afternoon, Hurricane Irma is expected to become a strong Category 4 hurricane in the coming days. The threat the major hurricane poses to the East Coast of the United States continues to grow at an alarming rate. In light of these recent developments, Private Market Flood has instituted a widespread moratorium for the Eastern United States including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina.

No new applications for these states will be approved with an effective date of 9/20/2017 or earlier until the moratorium has been lifted, or new information allows the state to be removed from the moratorium. Any applications that have already been approved by Private Market Flood will be honored. Check back daily for new developments regarding this moratorium.

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