The property is in an A flood zone

This estimate is for properties in flood zones beginning with A. An elevation certificate is not required.

The property is in a V flood zone

This estimate is for properties in flood zones beginning with V.

The property is in a B, C, or X flood zone and my lender does not require coverage

This estimate is for low risk flood zones. This rate does not apply if the flood policy is required by your lender.

Larry C. July 18, 2019
•We issued a policy for a customer. The lender put us through multiple changes and corrections. It was a project that was seemingly "snake bit." With every request, TFIA responded quickly and professionally. I am very thankful for this amazing resource.

Tamara C. July 18, 2019
•I appreciate the prompt response from Donovan and Justin in regards to providing excellent service when I renewed my flood insurance policies this year. Thank You

Rich T. July 16, 2019
•Great response to request to make a lender happy. Keep up the good work!

Wanda S. July 11, 2019
•I called to get a couple of dec pages and Donovan Garrett helped me, was very friendly and very prompt. It was a pleasure dealing with him. Thanks!

Phyllis M. July 11, 2019
•I have spoken with Omar many times and he is always a pleasure to deal with and accommodating of requests. In fact I have spoken to many of your employees and have had nothing but pleasant results. Keep up the good work.

Paula C. July 11, 2019
•I am responding to the service I have been receiving from Omar Paz. I appreciate his quick responses to my emails, and for being so helpful. He is doing a great job!

Kathy N. July 10, 2019
•I requested a copy of a full policy, which we needed ASAP or the mortgage company was going to force place coverage. Within seconds I received a reply back from Jennifer Alzate and Omar Paz with the full policy. I truly appreciated the quick response! I will be looking forward to bringing more business their way! Thank you!!

Terrell S. July 10, 2019
•We mostly dealt with Sarah, her responses to our questions, the application, and then the cancellation (because we sold the house) were all within a matter of minutes from when we sent the questions or the forms. I find it unbelievable that someone could turnaround that quick! Based on my experience, I would highly recommend this company.

Sissy B. July 9, 2019
•I requested information and it was fast and correct. I did not have to wait.

Philip S. July 8, 2019
•Omar has always been very helpful and he is a great asset to your organization. He is very efficient and helpful.

Karen T. July 8, 2019
•Thank you for your excellent service and quick response. I wish everyone was this easy to work with.

Vicky C. July 5, 2019
•Kiki Cleare is so efficient processing any change request I send in. She has it back to me in no time at all. She is great to work with!

Jasmine S. July 3, 2019
•Private Market Flood has helped our customers save thousands on affordable flood coverage. The ease of quoting allows for a faster response time when returning rates to our clients. We love our partnership!

Kristi H. July 3, 2019
•Donovan was Johnny on the spot with helping us out ----so we were able to fund this home loan for this client. could not have been nicer --more efficient and cautious. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH. this means everything to these kids as today was drop dead day for this deal. WAY TO GO DONOVAN!!!

Michelle W. July 3, 2019
•Omar has been helping me with a client that expects the highest level of service. When we cannot provide that due to a third party we are working with it makes us look terrible to this client. Therefore, I am very appreciative of Omar and his quick replies and follow ups. He is knowledgeable and can always answer my questions. Omar, thank you for making it easy.

Sherry W. July 3, 2019
•I could not ask for better service!! I sent a service request to have a policy corrected and 2 minutes later I received my updated policy!! No idea how that is even possible :) Kirk Yates thank you for being awesome!!

Jayme F. July 3, 2019
•Kiki answered my question promptly, thank you!

Lisa A. July 2, 2019
•Colton completed a revision to a mortgagee on a policy and returned it to me within 5 minutes. Tremendous customer service !

Kim A. July 2, 2019
•Kirk you are always quick to help answer my questions and process my requests. Thanks for your outstanding service!!!

Katie S. July 2, 2019
•Colton was incredibly helpful in getting a renewal quote over to me so my insured can renew her policy. Thanks again Colton!

Katie S. July 1, 2019
•Kirk was great! He handled my requests quickly and efficiently! Thanks so much!

Bernadette G. June 25, 2019
•Omar Paz- I just wanted to said how quick & helpful he was! Thanks!

Dedra K. June 24, 2019
•We had a customer to show up on a Pre Notice report for force placement of insurance, I contacted Omar Paz for an updated Flood Insurance Dec page and within 5 minutes I had this dec page in my email box. I was able to clear this insurance exception immediately. You guys don't know how much this AWESOME turnaround time means to us, when we have these customers show up and are able to clear them immediately. Great Job Omar!!!

Laura T. June 21, 2019
•Omar Paz was wonderful. I called in with a rush policy at the end of the day he got me everything I needed right away! Super great job, thank you.

Christy T. June 21, 2019
•Omar answered my phone call in a pleasant and efficient manner and promptly emailed me the requested docs. Great service!

Georgette P. June 21, 2019
•I would just like to say that the service with your company has be exceptional. Thank you for the prompt responses on quotes and applications.

Arelis E. June 20, 2019
•I am extremely pleased with the excellent service that I received from Mr. Omar Paz. He is very efficient and helpful when it comes to processing a flood insurance application. Thank You Omar for your services.

Annette P. June 19, 2019
•I want to thank Omar Paz for his quick and attentive service. We take pride knowing that our clients are taken care of and as Agents it is imperative that we have the support from our carrier to assure that!!

Brooke A. June 19, 2019
•Hello, I just wanted to pass along a nice note regarding Justin. He has been absolutely wonderful to work with and helped me so much with my flood policy until my flood zone was removed. I wanted to share this as I know how important it is to have employees like this. Thank you Justin, so much for your help. I highly recommend him! Thanks

Jess C. June 18, 2019
•Hello, just wanted to say how professional, helpful and QUICK Kirk always is!!!

Pete L. June 14, 2019
•GREAT service. Made everything so easy. THANK YOU!!!

Nolan C. June 14, 2019
•TFIA was able to help me in the past with my home which I was on the verge of losing due to a ridiculous ever increasing FEMA policy. I just got my second policy with TFIA for a rental property and will continue to use TFIA for any future policies.

Gina H. June 12, 2019
•I appreciated how quickly Omar helped me and emailed me the policy over for my customer.

Alan J. June 11, 2019
•Justin Bryer is an asset to your company. He always provides the best service that you could ask for.

Carol K. June 6, 2019
•Always a good turnaround time and prompt attention!

William, D. June 6, 2019
•I was pleased with the pleasant and professional manor which Jennifer helped me through this proses. I work on equipment to fix it, this mortgage and insurance process is a lot more paperwork than I am accustomed to dealing with. So thank you very much, Everyone at your company has been helpful,

Carol K. June 5, 2019
•Very quick responds to my request and it is much appreciated.

April S. June 5, 2019
•Omar was very quick to respond to my submission request to bind coverage. I was initially worried that my request would get "lost in the shuffle", but I was pleasantly surprised how easy the process was and the quick turn-around time to send me the lender invoice! Thank you Omar and TFIA!

Cindy M. June 5, 2019
•We just completed our brokerage agreement with this company and did applications for 2 flood policies that we needed. The process was easy. I received quotes very quickly and within 1 hour of submitting signed applications and making payment - I had policies in hand. Awesome Service from Omar Paz. He was quick to respond, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!

Kimberly W. June 3, 2019
•Excellent, prompt service

Jill B. June 3, 2019
•I appreciate the genuine ease of doing business with The Flood Insurance Agency! From A-Z there's no other company that makes flood insurance easier which is very important to me as an extremely busy insurance agent. I look forward to being able to write even more business with you!

Jack W. May 31, 2019
•Jennifer Alzate was very helpful through the flood process. I received my declarations page in a hurry for a closing. Thank You Jennifer!

Elieen K. May 30, 2019
•Omar was prompt to answer all of my emails and to provide me with the information I was requesting. He was a great help!

Trish B. May 30, 2019
•Hi, I called the 800 number to ask a question and got a clear answer. Donovan offered me his email to send a requote request to and he responded very quickly. Nice Job!

David C. May 28, 2019
•Great service. Had corrected within the hour.

Ed H. May 28, 2019
•Donovan has been very easy to work with and good people are important for all of us!

Lynn R. May 24, 2019
•As an agent I find myself reaching out to many different agencies to assist with policy revisions and updates. I have worked with Nicky for several years and her work is always done in a timely fashion to help ensure the best customer service for our mutual clients. More agencies would benefit from having an agent like Nicky.

Stanley K. May 23, 2019
•Thanks for the constant and consistent response time on emails. It really helped me service homeowner's in the most optimal / efficient fashion. Thanks again, Omar.

Loren M. May 23, 2019
•Fast turn around with the application! Once I submitted payment, I had the policy in less than 10 minutes. Ridiculously great service!

Kathy J. May 22, 2019
•I think I have worked with everyone at TFIA over the last couple years. They are all well trained, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented. Kiki Cleare is ESPECIALLY great at her position. She works very hard to keep me updated on my clients, and her turn around time is incredible. Thanks Everyone !

Miranda W. May 22, 2019
•I wrote my first flood policy today that was provided to me by Omar Paz. He was very fast at replying and helpful in explaining the process. I am very pleased with how this process is going and look forward to writing more business with you in the future. Thank you for your help Omar, you are GREAT!

Dawn P. May 21, 2019
•Kirk was amazing, always thankful for his quickness on providing service.

Alan J. May 20, 2019
•Justin is always prompt with any requests we send him. You are lucky to have such good employees. Thank you.

Richard I. May 16, 2019
•Our lender noticed a typo I didn't catch. You are able to fix it in under 10 min, maybe less. She couldn't believe the turn around time. It made us look great. Thank you.

Larry W. May 15, 2019
•Best service in the insurance business!

Taylor B. May 15, 2019
•Omar helped me in a crunch time down to the wire issue with getting a policy. His service was great!

Kay B. May 14, 2019
•Thank you for the fast excellent service.

Corie M. May 13, 2019
•I just wanted to praise Omar from the start to the end he has been so helpful. He is so quick in helping me with every question i throw his way. He also is very quick in altering the slightest in my quoting needs. He is great.

Tonya H. May 12, 2019
•Exemplary customer service! Fast, efficient communication and I saved $670.00 on my annual flood insurance policy! Thank you!

Ingrid E. May 10, 2019
•I want to let you know that Donovan Garrett has given excellent customer service, repeatedly! Anytime I call needing a policy or help with a quote, he has outshined the rest! Thank you, Ingrid

Amelia L. May 9, 2019
•Doing business with Colton Langsam is a pleasure! The most fast, efficient, and mannerly. Thank you for all you do!

Robert C. May 8, 2019
•Omar was prompt in responding to my requests. I appreciate the fast and diligent work. Thank you.

John S. May 9, 2019
•I am an agent and needed to push an AOR through, at the last minute, for a very important client. I first contacted Justin Bryer, and he did an amazing job of walking me through the process. Every time I reached out to him, he responded quickly and clearly. At the end of the process, Omar Paz got involved, and was just as professional and helpful as Justin. It is almost shocking to get such great service, when so many carriers hardly care to help you.

Brenda H. May 8, 2019
•Everything was smooth with TFIP and after dealing in the past with FEMA, such a blessing. Amazing response time and customer service, from establishing the policy to cancellation. Thank you especially to these TFIP representative: Jennier Alzarate, Donovan Garrett, Angelica Barreras. Stellar!

Renee S. May 8, 2019
•I submitted an email request to Donovan Garrett for a correction to a mailing address at 2:59 on 5/8. I received the endorsement with the correct mailing address from Caitlin Abreu at 3:17 p.m. on 5/8!! Thank you so much for such professional, quick service.

Bill F. May 8, 2019
• I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the exceptional customer service Omar gave to me today. I needed updated quotes and it was turned around in very little time. Thanks Omar!

John W. May 8, 2019
•Another year, another renewal that was seamless with continued great service. When you have a competent person like Mr Kirk Yates looking over your flood insurance needs everything is taken care of for you. Thanks Kirk

Kathy M. May 7, 2019
•Kirk turned this around in 2 minutes and we got it sent to the Mortgage Company. Appreciate a great job!

James C. May 7, 2019
•Trying to get coverage for flood insurance for about a week now. While my girlfriend and I were filling out application online, we had some questions, so we called. We spoke with Donovan and he was very helpful to us. My insurance agent and I have spoken to at least 3 ppl. With this company. We had 2 different quotes. Then when speaking to Donovan this afternoon, he gave us both some clarity. Donovan was very helpful once again, in securing a reasonable quote and taking the time to email back and forth to assure I had the proper paperwork in place.

Cassie W. May 6, 2019
•I called PMF and Omar answered. Omar took care of my request quickly! I was delighted with the service. Thanks Omar.

Janice H. May 2, 2019
•Omar Paz was very polite and efficient in sending me the policy and the other necessary documents that I needed in order to renew the customer's flood policy with the bank. Thank you Omar!!

Sandy P. May 2, 2019
•Always prompt in responding.

Sandy P. May 1, 2019
•I am at an agency and I receive quick responses.

Dianne H. May 1, 2019
•I was able to move approximately 14 policies from FEMA to The Flood Insurance Agency and saved quite a bit of money for our insured. It was easy, very timely and a pleasure to work with everyone involved. Our insured no longer requires the flood coverage, but I wanted to say thank you.

Amy L. May 1, 2019
•I needed to have an application amended in a rush as the closing was in 2 days. Omar Paz was very diligent in providing me with the application and expedite amendments that were requested. Very happy to write business with you!

Amy L. April 30, 2019
•We had been quoted rates for several hundred dollars higher and thought the house we wanted wasn't going to be worth it, then I found TFIA and it was affordable! I almost switched to a private insurance company and after sending an email about cancelling our policy with TFIA we were told by the other insurer they weren't able to do business in NH. Long story short, I called TFIA to make sure they didn't cancel our policy and got an actual person on the phone after 2 rings. I have never been so happy to hear a human voice! The ability to so easily get on the phone with an actual person who was patient, knowledgeable, and calm despite my frantic speaking was proof that we were going with the right company. Thank you for making this process so simple! He reassured me it was all set, answered my questions, and needless to say a huge weight has been lifted off my chest! Thank you!

Bonnie R. April 30, 2019
•I spoke with Donovan Garrett concerning a refund check and who the payee should be due to the fact that the Named Insured is a Trust. . He was very helpful and confirmed that he will upload my request to the file.

Lori S. April 30, 2019
•I just love your company. I always get the very best of service and Sarah was no exception. Fast, helpful and just the best. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Jacqueline H. April 30, 2019
•Quick service from Omar Paz. Received a quote for my customer within 30 minutes of submission.

Lyndsey M. April 29, 2019
•Omar was very responsive and easy to work with. My questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. I appreciate the great service!

Teresa R. April 26, 2019
•Omar was very responsive and helpful in getting the new flood policy issued for closing, good job!

Edison D. April 26, 2019
•Omar made the application process super easy and quick. I was working on a policy that needed to be bound the same day for a closing and Omar was quick and prompt responding to my several emails and walking me through the whole process. Great job

Ryan F. April 26, 2019
•Great Service from TFIA, always! Omar was super helpful & responsive. TFIA helps us better serve our insureds!

Tracey M. April 26, 2019
•Omar Paz is extremely helpful and courteous and answers emails promptly. A++++ service provided.

Danny M. April 25, 2019
•I wanted to thank Omar for reviewing my application within a short period of time after submitting it. This helps since its for a closing and is needed promptly.

Gregory T. April 24, 2019
•I am a lender, and have a client in a flood zone. My flood compliance team had some questions about the policy being placed, and Omar was very quick to reply and answered all of our questions without any issues. I have never seen an insurance professional be this quick to respond and so helpful! Thank you, Omar!

Frank E. April 24, 2019
•I submitted an application, and Omar reviewed and approved it in 45 minutes--excellent service!

Frank E. April 23, 2019
•Three cheers for Omar! This man is the best. His assistance in getting a better flood insurance rate and new policy was much appreciated. Thank you Omar and thank you The Flood Insurance Agency.

Kim A. April 22, 2019
•Our agency is new to The Flood Insurance Agency and Omar was very helpful in walking me through the process of getting 2 policies issued quickly.

Dustin B. April 17, 2019
•The Flood Insurance Agency has the process down to a science. I up loaded payment and signed applications and had policies with in minutes, Made the insured's closing a piece of cake!!

Paula C. April 17, 2019
•I am very happy with the prompt and courteous service I have received today and every time I submit new business. Thank you for your help.

Steve S. April 17, 2019
•The Private Market Flood policy saved my client a tremendous amount of money when compared to his expiring NFIP policy. Donovan Garrett was a great help in facilitating the policy!

Paul S. April 16, 2019
•Donovan is always right on with his service. Does quoting quickly and effeciently and is a pleasure to work with.

Alfred A. April 12, 2019
•Very nicely handled.

Michael B. April 11, 2019
•I am so impressed with the attentiveness and promptness when working with TFIA! This is why you are my go-to company for flood business. Thank you for all your hard work!

Ellen B. April 9, 2019
•I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the help Sarah provides for our agency here at The Oceanside Insurance Group. Her quick and detailed responses allow us to better service our clients. She also has a very pleasant and professional demeanor which makes it such a pleasure to work with her. Sarah always demonstrates quality customer service that is professional and friendly that our agency not only appreciates but enjoys!

Kim R. April 8, 2019
•I just wanted to take a minute to praise Justin for all the work he did to help me in securing a FEMA policy when the mortgage company wouldn't accept a policy with the private market flood agency. He went above and beyond what I am sure is his normal job description and he never got agitated no matter how many questions I asked. Justin is an exceptional employee and I hope he is recognized as such. Thank you again Justin!

Josh P. March 28, 2019
•Omar was very prompt and helpful in getting everything I needed completed!

Kimberly M. March 28, 2019
•I just wanted to say that this process was very easy. Omar Paz was very helpful and there was a quick turn around for our client that is closing tomorrow. Thank you for a great first experience. We will use you in the future!

Rick R. March 25, 2019
•I'm pleased to have found your site through Google. Donovan did a terrific job patiently and professionally answering my questions. The quality of the interaction was impactful enough that I'll probably get a policy through TFIA. Had I received average service, I would've taken your company off the list. Kudos and thanks to Donovan.

Roger D. March 25, 2019
•Jennifer was extremely nice and helpful and resolved our issue very quickly! Thank you again, Jennifer for your assistance!

Kim R. March 25, 2019
•Donovan Garrett has been exceptional in helping me with quoting and this new business. He is very knowledgeable and helped me understand areas that I was not sure of the answers to. He was very tolerant with my endless questions and I'm very grateful and he was the one I worked with.

Crest Savings Bank Loan Servicing Department. March 25, 2019
•Our mutual customer escrows for his flood insurance with our bank. the customer stated the he paid the renewal so we the bank did not need to pay it this year. Called The Flood Insurance Agency to verify if paid and request the declaration page. Spoke to Donovan Garrett and within a couple of minutes we were emailed the information we needed. We request insurance daily and this was impressive turn a round time. GREAT customer service.

Lori F. March 22, 2019
•I just wanted to say that Donovan Garrett was VERY helpful in answering my questions. The response was VERY quick and helpful. Thank you!

Rob Z. March 20, 2019
•Donovan Garrett is the best his response times are super quick and always answers every question I have. Glad I can contact him and get what I need.

Jessica S. March 18, 2019
•The communication with this company is excellent! I have never had to wait more than a day to get a response and many times I received a reply back within a couple hours!

John D. March 18, 2019
•Sarah Keen and the entire staff at Private Market Flood have served as an invaluable tool in allowing us to flourish in what has become a very difficult market. They respond immediately with courtesy and a professionalism that is hard to find in our industry. My thanks to Private Market Flood for being a brights spot and to help taking the stress out of an ever changing insurance market!

Sean H. March 18, 2019
•Nicky Jones was super helpful, answered my questions for a client and emailed me the information necessary! Great job!!

John F. March 13, 2019
•I called Mr. Paz this morning because we had not received an invoice for our flood insurance policy. Mr Paz suggested he could send an invoice by email, and he did so in less than a minute. His quick and professional response to our problem was reassuring.

Kim R. March 13, 2019
•I am so impressed with the service we receive from your company. I ask for a change to a newly issued policy and within 13 minutes I had a new declaration page. Most of the companies we deal with it is days or even weeks until we receive an updated declaration page. Thanks again.

Kutchmanich C. March 12, 2019
•Thank you to Donovan Garrett. He was extremely helpful.

Melanie G. March 11, 2019
•Always courteous and understanding. Thank YOU.

Jeff D. March 8, 2019
•Donovan Garrett was a true professional dealing with extended closing delays for a client. The deal did not close but Donovan made a bad situation better assisting with closing date extensions.

Linda N. February 27, 2019
•We at Voices of Change Animal League- OCALA (VOCAL) want to recognize service that was way above and beyond rendered at the 2019 FURBALL- Mardi Paws. Justin Bryer is to be commended for his patience with the equipment and technical set-up and did an awesome job assisting our MC, Evan Hecht. Eric Weber, Angelica Barreras, Sarah Keen, Omar Paz, Johnny Fernandez, Colton Langsam, and Melanie Mercado were wonderful ambassadors for the cause. Together, the team helped us raise $110,000 for the animals. Compassion is truly contagious; thank you for catching it!

Jocelyn B. February 26, 2019
•Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I had a great experience with one of your reps, Kirk Yates. He helped me on an existing policy and was extremely quick to respond and resolved my issue right away. Thank you!

Jess C. February 26, 2019
•Hello, I just wanted to take a moment to say how quick and efficient Kiki is. Anytime I have a question or need a policy change I typically hear back within just a few minutes. I appreciate her hard work and quick replies!! She rocks!

Woodrow B. February 26, 2019
•I am very happy with your company. Your people are helpful and courteous. As I see it, you have met and exceeded my needs at this time. THANK YOU, Woody

Christa M. February 22, 2019
•I submitted and application that I needed rather quickly because the customer waited last minute to obtain coverage. I know that it typically takes a day to get the quote back. I called to see if we could rush the process to have everything for the customer to have what they needed at the next morning. I worked with a Justin Bryer via email to get the apps signed and sent back in. We were able to process payment online, and Donovan Garrett emailed the Dec page over in less time than expected! Made the process so much easier, and the customer thinks I'm a superhero! Thanks so much for the prompt and helpful service!

Betsy A. February 22, 2019
•Very quick service. Thank you!

Annette H. February 19, 2019
•Kiki was very quick with the information that I needed, and the email that I sent.

Brent R. February 19, 2019
•As always the service is prompt, curtious, and knowledgeable

Roxann D. February 19, 2019
•Caitlin Abreu was very efficient in handling what needed to be done.

Nancy D. February 15, 2019
•We have two flood policies with your company. Each and every time I have called for help or because I needed something, your customer service reps have been helpful and very friendly. Excellent service!

Karen A. February 15, 2019
•Your team is wonderful, accessible and knowledgeable -- thank you!

Mary H. February 14, 2019
•Mr. Langsam provided outstanding service! It was a pleasure working with Colton and I appreciate all of the help! Thanks so much for the quick and prompt service!

Patricia D. February 14, 2019
•Kevin Jones was a pleasure to deal with. He made the process very easy.

Ellen L. February 14, 2019
•Great prices and terrific agent service - can't thank you enough!

Jinnette J. February 13, 2019
•Donovan was so quick in changing effective date of the policy, help me out greatly since we received the request from the mortgage on the date of the closing.

Michael H. February 8, 2019
•The effort put forward by the staff at your company is exceptional. Without the efforts put forward my client would have had his closing pushed back and that was the very last thing we wanted to do. I expect to continue to work with your company in the future as I have feel the service provided is beyond my expectations.

Jennifer R. February 8, 2019
•I submitted 2 quotes for an old home with a guest house on the property for a client and Justin got back to me SO quickly and was SO helpful even when I thought I had quoted it improperly. He made the process seamless:) Thank You!!!

Steve C. February 7, 2019
•Fast, efficient and professional service. I cannot ask for more. Donovan was exceptional. Great job.

Rob D. February 7, 2019
•Extremely fast and efficient service. No waiting around with Omar Paz and TFIA. New policies issued next day after upload and changes are often received the same day.

Jeff D. February 7, 2019
•Jason has been very helpful with an extended closing delay for an approved flood policy. Premium paid at closing from escrow funds. Just wanted to pass that along.

Lindsi G. February 6, 2019
•Excellence at the speed of light! I contacted TFIA with a last minute closing; not only did I procure excellent pricing but I received warm, friendly, astounding, super-fast, excellent service!! You guys are the best. Thank you for everything!

Ron C. February 6, 2019
•Working with the private market flood has been great. There knowledge, customer service and pricing is great. Shows you that creative people come up with innovative solutions that benefit everyone. Great job guys.

Debbie Z. February 5, 2019
•I just wanted to comment on one of your employees Kirk Yates (although I hate flood insurance bills) but since I have been your customer I have been dealing with Kirk only. His response time to my emails are amazing. He answers all my questions and makes sure I understand. He is very efficient and polite. I told him I will never lose his name since I contact him every year for something. I wish more companies provided excellent customer service like yours. Thank you, And many thanks to a Top Notch Employee!

Carole F. January 31, 2019
•Donovan was able to answer all questions and quickly resolved my issues.

Alicia S. February 1, 2019
•I love working with Sarah Keen. She is so caring and punctual. She has fixed some things for me and always held a great attitude. She is definitely a keeper!

Gayle L. January 31, 2019
•This company is the easiest to work with, their knowledge, attention to detail and response time helps to complete tasks efficiently. Thanks to Donovan and Caitlin for helping me get through this last one!

Alan J. January 30, 2019
•I would like to commend Caitlin Abreu on you support she provided to me on 1/30/2019. Her excellent support was greatly appreciated.

Susan B. January 29, 2019
•Just a quick note and "thank you" for a speedy response, my insured requested copies of W9 forms for all his insurance carriers. Immediate response! Thank you.

Kris M. January 28, 2019
•This is the first Private Flood policy that I've sold and I was happy that Donovan worked me thru the process. I will try to do more quoting and sell some more of those policies because I like the ease of your system and the fact that you're selling thru Lexington. Please pat Donovan of the back for me...

Amelia L. January 25, 2019
•I have been thoroughly impressed with the efficient, timely and mannerly interactions with Colton Langsam. What a valuable member of your team! Thank you!

Gayle H. January 25, 2019
•Donavan Garrett personally handled my request for a policy change. He was courteous, professional and well spoken. A pleasure to work with and in my opinion an asset to your establishment! Great Service

Judy W. January 25, 2019
• Insured's flood was about to expire and mortgagee said they mailed payment. Kiki Cleare emailed me and said she would let me know when payment came in and she just notified me that it has been received. I appreciate her following up on this .

Roxann D. January 25, 2019
• I submitted the renewal payment online for our insured's four policies and had the renewal policy on all four within ten minutes from Colton Langsam. That's great service! Thank you!!!

David S. January 25, 2019
• This company consistently goes the extra distance to provide exceptional service.

Debbie W. January 21, 2019
•Great customer service, prompt, kind, very helpful.

Tim V. January 17, 2019
•Kiki is the best!

Kelly M. January 15, 2019
•Thank you Omar Paz - for your prompt response to my renewal.

Pam S. January 14, 2019
•Donovan Garrett was so attentive to the changes needed in order for me to forward a copy of the invoice to the lender. The ease of doing business is wonderful!

Vicky C. January 14, 2019
•Kiki Cleare is very efficient and fast! I had barely requested my update before I received it back from her. She is always helpful. The Flood Insurance Agency is great to work with!

Joe B. January 10, 2019
•Out of the box service. I am a senior Insurance Representative that is required to produce on an hourly bases for the company I work for in Fort Worth, Texas. I was working one of my reports and came across loans that we did not have the current flood declaration pages. I was able to determine who the carrier was by researching. Once I had obtained that information, I placed a call to the carrier. This had to have been my Lucky Day. Because on the other end of the call was none other than Nicky Jones. We exchanged greetings, and we got to work. Trying to get to the end of this testimony is hard. Because Nicky truly provided Out Of the Box service to me. She was able to provide me with every document that I needed. When I had received all of the documents, which was a total of 16 documents. I had to email Nicky and let her know she had made my, "You R The BOMB" List. Truly she is The BOMB. Thanks again Nicky.

Kevin M. January 9, 2019
•What an OUTSTANDING effort by Donovan! ULTRA responsive and so very helpful. I had a new purchase and he insured and lender kept sending different requests. Donovan made all the changes to rating and the applications multiple times. A true pleasure to work with!

Jodi J. January 8, 2019
•Ms. Cleare is very helpful and is quick to respond! She is always pleasant and I enjoy working with her regarding our mutual flood clients.

Bela V. January 7, 2019
•Excellent customer service. Always very professional & courteous!! Thank you.

Rob Z. January 4, 2019
•Donovan has been extremely helpful and quick to respond to all my questions no matter how many or how dumb.

Brenda W. January 4, 2019
•The Flood Insurance Agency deserves a 5 star rating for the excellent prompt service they provide to the agents.

Buddy P. December 27, 2018
•Service for refund on sale of house-Angelicia was helpful,thorough and quick to respond. Appreciate her follow through and attention to detail.

Cameron G. December 27, 2018
•Just wanted to say that from start to finish this has been a great experience! Getting set up as a broker for the company was painless, quoting was easy, rate was great, and the rep I worked with, Donovan Garrett, was right on point. Very happy so far!

Danielle K. December 27, 2018
•Kiki has assisted me in getting our mutual insured's two policies renewed. She responds to my emails right away, and is pretty much amazing. Thanks Kiki!!

Amy D. December 26, 2018
•Omar Paz was able to help me quickly and efficiently today. We needed renewal documentation for a lender and we received it promptly. He was pleasant and helpful which is something I truly value. Thank you for providing excellence in service.

Stacia Z. December 21, 2018
•Thank you to Nicky and her team for a last minute change. My client was refinancing and at the very last minute had to increase coverage on their flood policy. I contacted Nicky and she was able to expedite the change, allowing the client to settle as planned. Fantastic customer service. Thanks so much!!

Mike S. December 20, 2018
•Exceptional service! Donovan Garrett issued my new policy within an hour of receiving the application and payment. This company is extremely competent and easy to process business with!

Patty C. December 18, 2018
•Steven Saint-Preux was very kind and understanding and helpful in getting this problem to a conclusion. I wish all companies had such helpful people.

Vincent C. December 17, 2018
•I called to ask for a receipt for my insurance payment, which is required by my bank and Omar Paz was very professional, helpful and sent my receipt immediately! Thank you for the immediate and friendly service!

Marlene R. December 14, 2018
•I would like to acknowledge Justin Bryer. He has gone above and beyond to help me with my Insurance needs. When I requested a Private Flood Policy, Justin quickly obtained a quote. Then there were issues where I needed to obtain a FEMA Flood policy instead and I needed to finalize this quickly because I was closing on my mortgage. Justin quickly responded and sent me a new FEMA policy. After doing some research I found out that I didn't need a FEMA policy and would be able to go back to my Private policy. Once again, Justin came through in helping me cancel my FEMA policy which saved me over $1,000 a year. Justin was always calm, professional and responsive. Even when I was very frustrated on the phone about my mortgage company's lack of knowledge as to which type of policy I was allowed to have, Justin remained calm and professional. Justin gave me true peace of mind knowing I was getting the best price and policy for my needs. He's a keeper!

Robert W. December 10, 2018
•Omar was very prompt and helpful......thanks!

Susan O. December 14, 2018
•I have always had such quick responses and great customer service from TFIA. Donovan Garrett specifically !

Roger B. December 10, 2018
•Service is excellent -- much faster and more certain than prior vendor. Servicer was quick and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this company.

Laurie M. December 7, 2018
•I emailed a request the name on the renewal bill to be corrected. within minutes Kirk has send me the correction.

Kevin W. November 28, 2018
•Kiki is a wonderful person to work with. She was very prompt and accurate with the change I needed.

Greg S. November 27, 2018
•Omar was very helpful and courteous by providing me immediate assistance and resolution!

Robert D. November 26, 2018
•Omar was very helpful in promptly sending me a clients invoice so I could get it off to the lender.

Mitchell B. November 20, 2018
•Nicky Jones was an absolute joy to work with from the time she answered the phone to the completion of my transaction. She is knowledgeable, fast and very courteous. Made my whole process a easy transaction. Thanks to her I will look at do business again with her. Thanks Nicky.

Holly G. November 16, 2018
•Our agency needed urgent assistance for a customer, and Nicky was very quick to respond and get us the information we needed!

Stephanie H. November 16, 2018
•Nicky Jones was very helpful processing our CT agency licenses. I am very happy with her rapid response and professionalism.

Kathleen P. November 15, 2018
•Your team is so fast/accurate & friendly. Especially Omar Paz & Justin Bryer. Love working witha team that makes the dream happen.

Meagan M. November 9, 2018
•Kiki is always so friendly and prompt in her response! She makes it so much easier for us agents here in the path of Hurricane Michael when we get service like that! Thank you!

Nikki B. October 24, 2018
•You are all very helpful every time I may have an issue. Thank you so much for your expertise, courtesy and patience. Have a nice day!!

Donna V. October 23, 2018
•We highly recommend this company and it was an easy and quick process dealing with Donovan. We needed our flood insurance within 24 hours of our closing and he was able to achieve that for us. We look forward to working with them in the years ahead.

Jeff J. October 23, 2018
•I reached out to Donovan for help with answering specific questions for a lender. He not only answered those questions, but did it very quickly. Great service that I am always happy with.

Chelsea S. October 18, 2018
•Working with Donovan to obtain flood insurance documentation for our mutual client was a great experience. He was professional, polite and shared useful information. This was my first transaction as a mortgage processor where I had to obtain flood insurance documents. Donovan was always quick to provide information and knowledge that I will use for future transactions. Not to mention, he responds in record time, making it so easy for me to progress the file and get our client into their home. I wish all 3rd parties I work with were as responsive as he has been!

Nancy M. October 18, 2018
•I can't thank the customer service group enough for their quick response to changes requested. Hands down the best in the business. Wish all companies were as quick!

Ashley R. October 17, 2018
•Omar was friendly, helpful, and quick! I called in today to get some information on a mutual clients policy and he was great to work with.

Adam P. October 17, 2018
•Omar was extremely helpful providing the necessary documents I had requested today. His prompt and efficient service allowed myself to finish my tasks for the day and I am very appreciative. Thanks Omar!!

Nancy M. October 10, 2018
•Kudos to Nicky Jones ! She was able to track down a banks premium payment that was mailed to the wrong address. We fought with the bank for weeks, but in a few minutes Nicky resolved the problem and got the policy renewed. Thank you Nicky!

Michael C. October 10, 2018
•I would like to express how wonderful it was to work with Omar, he was very polite and his responses were prompt. I would love to continue working with this gentleman.

Jo B. October 8, 2018
•I am giving Colton Langsam positive feedback for his assistance on providing an insured's policy documents and clearing up confusion on my part.

Heather N. October 3, 2018
•Omar Paz provided prompt service in responding to my payment I sent for ITW Medical, Coeur as our flood insurance had lapsed. I appreciate this follow up email letting me know that indeed our policy would be reinstated.

Collin T. October 2, 2018
•Not very familiar with flood, only do a few floods a month, price came back great and Donovan Garrett was extremely quick to send me all pdf files needed for our client, extremely seamless process, thank you.

Staci A. September 28, 2018
•Donovan in Customer Service has been a great help to my client and I today. He took the time to research our billing question, clearing up the problem with his underwriting dept. and management and sent us a new invoice within an hour of my request.

Christine H. September 19, 2018
•Great customer service. Rapid response time and always helpful!

Constantina K. September 26, 2018
•Donovan was stellar! I needed to cancel my flood insurance and had soooo many questions. He was patient and completely knowledgable. His demeanor was professional yet soothingly communicable which made this overwhelming process manageable. Thank you Donovan!

Ben B. September 26, 2018
•My family owns a beach home. We realized that the map controlling flood zones had changed in our favor and, as a result, contacted Omar directly to see if the policy could be rewritten at approximately an 80% reduction in premium. Omar had the whole thing handled inside of 48 hours and was completely professional and prompt in all his dealings with us. Much appreciated.

Barbara W. September 18, 2018
•I would like say a big thank you, keep the good work up!! Kiki Cleare helped me today and is very fast in response to all my question!!

Betsy A. September 18, 2018
•Great Customer Service. Great experience working with Donovan Garrett. The turn around time is second to NONE

Martha W. September 18, 2018
•Omar was very efficient and prompt in responding to my application and emails. I appreciate that!

Randall S. September 18, 2018
•I really appreciate the excellent service I have received from Justin since 2005. He is very responsive to requests for assistance and very knowledgeable about all aspects of flood insurance.

Sandy B. September 14, 2018
•Omar Paz-very helpful good at what HE DOES!!

Manuel Nofplot III. September 11, 2018
•Donovan Garrett provided excellent service when I needed to update an effective date on a policy when the closing was changed.

Ashleigh M. September 10, 2018
•Omar was beyond helpful and the transaction went smoothly he was also able to answer all of my questions and I was able to do this from start to finish in about 15 minutes.

Susan E. September 10, 2018
•You have a very fine example of excellent customer service working with you in Omar Paz. He was helpful and swiftly assisted me with my issue. I was very satisfied with my experience dealing with him! Thank you

Erica S. September 8, 2018
•Colton was so quick to respond to endorsements I had submitted. I even made a mistake and when I contacted him to correct that, he took care of it right away. I don't think I've ever had things taken care of so quickly!! Great Job!!!

Joseph M. September 6, 2018
•I just wanted to say that Sarah was a huge help to me while working on processing my first application with Private Market Flood. I am new to the agency but have been in insurance for over 12 years and it was nice to have someone assist me so much while learning the ropes with a new carrier. She is an asset to your organization. Thank you

Sean H. September 6, 2018
•Kiki and Kirk worked extremely quick and professionally with our agency today! Thanks!!

Caitlin A. August 28, 2018
•I received outstanding service from Caitlin on 8/28/2018. She should be commended.

Chris S. August 27, 2018
•Omar is quick and responsive. We appreciate the fast service

Haemrajie T. August 24, 2018
•I am writing to particularly express my appreciation for the knowledge that you (Justin Bryer, CA Lic # OK54089) possess regarding the most favourable insurances, claims and the policies for my situation. The way with which you interact, communicate and convince you customers is indeed flawless and it was really a nice experience talking to you. I am grateful for the way with which you detailed the pros and cons of each and every insurance policy and helped me select the best policy for my property in your knowledge.

I wish you all the best for your future works and I am sure that being a dedicated insurance agent like you will surely prosper in the future. GOOD LUCK!

Steve G. August 24, 2018
•My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Justin Bryer over the last SEVERAL years. He was always so attentive and prompt to handle any of our questions or needs! We will miss having someone so easy and friendly to work with regarding our flood insurance.Thank you Justin for all the years of great customer service you provided us!

Michael P. August 24, 2018
•Donovan (and even Kyle Lizak) are extremely great to work with. They are quick to respond and make this process so easy. I will try and give you more business. Enjoy!

Kelly F. August 23, 2018
•Kiki provided great service as always. She is a great asset to your company.

Gail O. August 21, 2018
•I needed a copy of a renewal policy and was lucky enough to reach Sarah Keen when I called your office. She was pleasant and professional. I literally hung up the telephone and the policy I requested was in my inbox. She is amazing!

Carmie W. August 17, 2018
•Can't sat enough about your Customer Service personnel. They are the best. I fed Kirk Yates three changes today and all three were satisfied ASAP!! Got to love it!! thanks to you all.

Alan J. August 14, 2018
•Received excellent & timely service from Colton Langsam! Thank you

Krista W. August 6, 2018
•Just wanted to let you know that I think Colton provides wonderful service. He has recently made a couple of mortgagee changes to an insured's policy for me and is always friendly yet professional, and gets things done very quickly!

Pete L. August 1, 2018
•Great customer service by Kyle and also Jennifer. Really appreciate their communication to keep me abreast as application process proceeded. Saved me a couple of thousand dollars, but even more importantly, the all around customer service was fantastic!

Sarah M. August 1, 2018
•Just wanted to give a shutout to the processors, we all know that we have lots to do everyday, but the quick response and process turn around was incredible. Thank you for your hard work and quick response to our numerous requests. You guys Rock!!!

Patricia M. July 26, 2018
•We needed several changes to some of our policies and everything was handled with tremendous efficiency and in a very timely manner. There was little turn around time, my emails were responded to immediately and the changes were made exactly as we requested. Sadly, many times we do not experience this tremendous customer service - I thank you!!

Ed P. July 26, 2018
•We are so thankful we found your agency to provide our flood insurance. The savings and service have been phenominal.

Sara B. July 24, 2018
•Sarah has been so helpful and efficient. Her quick response time has made my job easier and my clients happier. Thank you!!

Lisa A. July 23, 2018
•Colton was fabulous, he was quick efficient and professional. Would love to work with him any time.

Colt D. July 23, 2018
•Very quick response time from Justin Bryer regarding a declarations page request. Thanks !!

Edwin R. July 9, 2018
•Thanks for your help very good service always for the clients!

Vicky C. July 9, 2018
•Kiki is always helpful and responsive. She is a pleasure to work with!

Christine T. July 2, 2018
•Very professional! Got a reply ASAP! Thank you.

Sherri M. June 28, 2018
•Colton made a change on a flood policy for me and had it back in 15 minutes. I have never had this fast of service. He is an excellent employee. Thank you so much.

Donna W. June 28, 2018
•I did my first piece of business with TFIA and Donovan Garrett was a great help! Was very kind and put me in the right direction.

Donna W. June 28, 2018
•Omar Paz was very kind and answered all my questions.

Hallie M. June 26, 2018
•Colton is awesome! Very quick, responsive and friendly!

Brian M. June 20, 2018
•I am an insurance agent, and have always been very happy with your customer service. I have to say I have a tendency to go directly to Kyle Lizak. He is always willing to help and is very prompt and professional about it. I just wanted you to know what a great representative to your company he is.

Robin P. June 20, 2018
•Once again I am completely satisfied with the excellent service from your Representative! Justin Bryer was on the case all the way! Thank you!!!

Jacqueline M. June 20, 2018
•I perform flood reviews for Bank of America's Home Equity Flood Insurance division. On occasion, I have to review Private Flood Insurance policies which require additional documentation and information that is needed from the agent. I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Colton Langsam many times over the past few years and he has been an absolute joy to work with. When asked, he never hesitates to provide me with exactly what is needed in order to keep my flood review process going smoothly. In a world where customer service is a second thought, Colton is warm, friendly and tends to my needs immediately and does not ever disappoint! Thank you Colton - I appreciate you and for all that you do! I look forward to working with you again in the future. Have a beautiful day!!

Colleen S. June 14, 2018
•Colton Langsam was very quick to respond to my endorsement request, he was polite & friendly in our correspondence.

Vicky C. June 12, 2018
•Colton was fast and efficient in my request today!

Cindy S. June 12, 2018
•Great customer service from Kyle!! Thanks so much, I really appreciated your help.

Jodi J. June 8, 2018
•Our mutual client was in a closing and needed an additional insured added to the policy. Colton Langsam and Eric Weber worked very quickly to process the change and I was able to forward the updated policy to the attorney's office in less than 10 minutes! The client and our agency greatly appreciated the fast service. They would not have been able to continue with the closing without that updated policy.

Faye V. June 7, 2018
•Nicky Jones was very quick in response for a mortgage change. I always get those back from your company pretty quickly. Everyone seems eager to help! Eric Weber...Kiki Cleare...Colton Langsam... Thank you all!

Shannon D. June 7, 2018
•Nicky Jones was very quick to respond to my email about the policy being mortgagee billed or not. I was able to get back to my insured in a timely manner which is very helpful on our end. Thank you for your assistance on this!

Carrie L. June 7, 2018
•Friendly staff, fast response time. Great work! Thank you for the consistent excellent customer service

Trudy F. June 5, 2018
•Needed a revised Declarations page for a client to go to closing -- sent an email to Donovan and with in 10 minutes had the information corrected and sent to client's bank so they could proceed with closing. Thank you again for you prompt attention.

Carmie W. June 5, 2018
•Never any grief given when asked to make changes for our clients!! Very much appreciated! THANK YOU!

Sheryl M. June 5, 2018
•I am extremely impressed with the speed and accuracy that Colton handled our request. Thank You so very much.

Dinah S. June 5, 2018
•I requested dgarrett to update the loan #, then send me the evidence of insurance showing the new loan #, as well as a paid receipt for the current policy period - all to give to the mortgagee refinancing the property. It only took him about 20-30 minutes to get all of the above done. So I was able to get the requested information back to the mortgagee the same day they requested it from me. His efficiency was great & made my job as well as the mortgagee's job a lot smoother!

Lucy M. June 4, 2018
•TFIA saved us $1000/year and Nicky Jones was very helpful, patient, and easy to work with. I recommended TFIA to our home buyers.

Mary Ann S. June 4, 2018
•Just wanted to comment on how very helpful Kyle Lizak has been in assisting with quoting Flood policies for our insureds. He does a great job! Thank you.

Kelly G. June 1, 2018
•The service representative Glorya Pierre was so quick and helpful to respond to my questions. We needed proof that the Private Market Flood meets the requirements from the bank and Glorya provided that for me within minutes. The staff have all been quick and very friendly. Thank you!

Erin M. June 1, 2018
•Colton was very helpful in processing a change on a policy for me, and was polite and professional as well.

Pat A. June 1, 2018
•I want to give a shout out to Justin who assisted me over a year ago with questions about Flood Insurance. He explained the whole flood insurance scenario including insurance,elevation certificates and also referred me to a couple other companies who might assist. At that time I had a premium of $ 3,555 a year for flood insurance alone and still needed property insurance. He also gave me the time frame to call back to your company and explained why you could not help initially. Well, I did not follow through because my property was sold and settled on 12/15/17 but Justin did. He contacted me to follow-up on submitting an application for a policy. This is what I call real customer service and is dying in today's world.
Thanks and thanks again! Had my house not been sold I definitely would have been a customer. Thanks, Justin!

Sylvia B. June 1, 2018
•I appreciate the quick response received. Thanks.

Kelly F. May 31, 2018
•Kiki's service was awesome! Always quick and polite and I know it's going to be correct. She does an amazing job!

Tracy H. May 31, 2018
•I worked directly with Nicky and she was very responsive, answered my questions promptly, and made some suggestions. Great to work with! Thank you! Tracy

Laura M. May 30, 2018
•Thank you so much to Glorya Pierre for always providing excellent customer service! We don't often need anything changed, but when I do, it is always done promptly with no hassle. That is very much appreciated!!

Katrina C. May 29, 2018
•Donovan was very responsive and proactive in getting the documents we needed in a timely manner!

Jacqueline M. May 25, 2018
•This is the first time I've dealt with TFIA directly and have to say that it was a wonderful experience. Eric and Colton were polite, quick and extremely helpful. Thank you so much for all your help today - you ROCK!!!

Brian M. May 25, 2018
•I sent a request to add a mortgagee to a flood policy and change the billing to mortgagee bill on the next renewal. I had the policy change endorsement in my email within an hour. Now that is some great customer service!!!! Great job!

Susie C. May 24, 2018
•I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Justin for my flood insurance-both last year and this year. He is a great asset to your company. It is Justin's commitment to excellent service that I am with your company again this year. I must have asked Justin last year two dozen questions every which way but lose and he was most professional in answering every single one of them explaining in detail and worked extremely hard to get what I wanted and needed. Justin represents your company in a very professional, knowledgeable manner and it is a pleasure to work with him. I know that when I am dealing with Justin things will be done accurately and proficiently. I have, in fact, referred a number of people to your company solely based on my experience with Justin. He is an excellent employee and I suggest you keep him happy as no doubt there are other companies that would jump at the chance to have Justin on their team.

Joan R. May 24, 2018
•I could not believe how quickly Glorya responded to my email- Her additional information about insured policy was most helpful. Thanks again.

Jan S. May 23, 2018
•Pleasant, efficient, knowledgeable, and FAST! Problem solved ASAP. Great working with you! Jan

Kelly F. May 22, 2018
•Nicky was extremely helpful and prompt when I asked her to quote options for a clients renewal. AWESOME service!

Kyle A. May 22, 2018
•To whom it may concern, I am the agent and owner of Arnold Insurance and we use the Private flood market consistently. I wanted to point out how amazed I was with the service and friendliness I receive from Sarah Keen. She is a top notch employee and i thought that my experience needed to be shared!

Susan W. May 22, 2018
•I have a customer that is renewing. Their payments are set to escrow, but the bank "never receives a bill", they claim. I appreciate the effort that Colton put forth with sending follow ups to the mortgage company to ensure payment. That's great customer service! Thanks, Nicky, you deserve a raise!!

Sherry S. May 22, 2018
•When I needed a dec page on a renewal, Nicky responded within minutes. we didn't have to start something else, and then back track to follow up on the request. The banker that needed it for a refi also appreciated our fast response, making us look good to our customers! Thanks, Nicky, you deserve a raise!!

Susie B. May 17, 2018
•Donovan helped me on the phone, then via email when I emailed him the request to amend the policy and he had it back to me in 2 seconds! Great teamwork and many thanks to Donovan!

Beth M. May 16, 2018
•Thank you very much for the fantastic service Donovan Garrett. My job requires me to call insurance companies to obtain policy information every day and my requests are not always met with the same kindness and eagerness to help me like with Donovan today. Even though it was the end of the day, he was able to quickly update a policy and provide me with the information I needed and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for making my job easier Donovan!

Mandy P. May 16, 2018
•Amazing service! I worked with Donovan on an account for a mutual client. He was extremely helpful, professional and friendly. While I needed to make multiple changes after issuance, he never hesitated to assist with a great attitude and efficient turnaround. He helped save my account and I have sung his praises to all my co-workers. Great Job Donovan, I look forward to working with you in the future on many more accounts!!

Carmie W. May 16, 2018
•Never a "that can't be done"! Always willing to help if it is within their guidelines!! Great people.

Jaime B. May 11, 2018
•Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quick and polite response I received from Colton Langsam when I emailed him earlier in the week. I had a quick question and was tied up on conference calls for a majority of the day, so it was incredibly helpful to be able to email my question to him and get a response within minutes. Otherwise, I probably would not have had time to call TFIA until the following day, and I'm sure it would have taken more of my time than writing the email did. It's refreshing to know that we have underwriters and service agents at TFIA who value our mutual partnership as much as we do and who are so willing to take the time to respond quickly and thoroughly (when possible) to allow us to write more and better business. Thank you!!

Mary E. May 11, 2018
•Everyone was very helpful in helping us to understand the process and the premium was amazing as compared to what other carriers, especially FEMA was offering. Easy to navigate and get information quickly.

Joel G. May 10, 2018
•Donovan did a fantastic job updating my insurance and getting the appropriate documents to my mortgage company in less than an hour. Excellent customer service I highly recommend him.

Kate B. May 10, 2018
•We are in the process of buying a home near the ocean and have been introduced to the world of flood insurance. We had a number of question that we had trouble getting answers to and it was a bit nerve-wracking. I called your company and spoke to Donovan and he was great. So straight forward, great explanations and a pleasure to speak with. You should be really proud of him! I am not sure if we will buy the house, but if we do, we know we have a great option for insurIng it. Many thanks.

Jim B. May 10, 2018
•I would be remiss not to share the most excellent customer service experience I just had with Sarah Keen from TFIA. Sarah was prompt, professional, and went our of her way to make a potential problem go away. A truly refreshing experience in today's business world where customer service is nothing but lip service. Sarah Keen has set the bar on what genuine customer service truly is. Thanks you!

Edd B. May 7, 2018
•Jennifer is a Great Gal that knows her job!!!!! She does a great job and does what she say's when she say's!!!!!!!! Very strange to find today!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jen. Edd.

Patrick D. May 4, 2018
•Called and spoke with Donovan Garrett (I think that's his last name)... I needed to cancel my policy and he could not have made the process any easier. He checked prices and tried to keep me as a customer but I already had a new policy. The speed of his email replies was most impressive. Give him a high five for me or better yet a gift card. Thanks.

Stephanie P. May 4, 2018
•I spoke to Donovan asking how I submit a change request. He provided me with his email address and processed the mortgage change for our client fast & efficiently. I was surprised how quick the turn around time was. Thank you so much!

Daniel A. May 4, 2018
•I am an insurance agent. Sarah Keen's super fast response allows me to out-service my competitors and earn more referral business. She is the best. Thanks Sarah.

Alois H. May 2, 2018
•I applied for flood insurance and received a reply in less than thirty minutes. Thank you for saving me money & lots of headaches.

Jill G. May 2, 2018
•I would just like to send a quick email regarding the above employee for the quick responses on my emails and getting a policy for a closing back to me so quickly I appreciate everything Taylor did for me today thanks again we all appreciate all your hard work!

Rhonna B. May 2, 2018
•Donovan was knowledgeable, helpful and delightful to communicate with both over the phone and by email. He made the application process easy for me, as well as explaining procedure and make an endorsement on the same policy. His professionalism is greatly appreciated!

John W. April 30, 2018
•Great Service!!!! Great Communications !!!! I cant say enough about customer relations and this company way to go Kirk Yates

John C. April 27, 2018
•5 stars x 2!! If you are looking for low cost, very affordable flood insurance this is the place...the people here are so dedicated to helping you and easy to work with. I am very glad that I found The Flood Insurance Agency online. Not only were they the most affordable for flood coverage but their employees are Top Notch! They helped me resolve an Escrow issue with my mortgage company and saved me a higher monthly cost. I just enrolled in their 3- year insurance renewal plan to save more money and avoid any increases for 3 years into 2021. The staff and how they help you here are just awesome!!! They really care! I have already recommended them to my friend who has waterfront property on the Jersey shore. I highly recommend The Flood Insurance Agency and their people to anyone that needs this type of property coverage. john - a customer of 1 year since 2017

Stacey D. April 26, 2018
•She is a very professional and efficient TFIA representative. I am truly thankful that she is there to help with servicing our agency! Thank you Glorya!!

Lorie S. April 26, 2018
•I would like you to know how satisfied we are with the service we receive from Justin Bryer. He always is prompt and professional and an asset to your company. Thank you

Lorie S. April 25, 2018
•Kudos to Donovan Garrett for his excellent service (and patience for the newbie in this agency). Thanks so so much for your help!

Jim S. April 24, 2018
•I called today and Eric Weber answered, he quickly was able to help me with the question and did so very efficiently.

Vicky C. April 20, 2018
•Kyle Lizak was super efficient today. I submitted the flood application and within minutes I had the approval and forms for my customer to sign. It is so nice to work with The Flood Insurance Agency

Nick P. April 19, 2018
•The Flood Insurance Agency, has done a great job for my flood clients, and my agency's commissions. Their premiums with Lexington are very competitive, and The Flood Insurance Agency staff is very easy to work with, and they are also extremely helpful.

Audrey G. April 12, 2018
•Every one is always most helpful at The Flood Agency- no matter what my question is-whether it relates to the issue of a policy or the payment I am always happy with the help I receive. Keep up the good work! Audrey

Thom I. April 11, 2018
•I just submitted my application with the assistance of Justin Bryer. Justin was very helpful in guiding me through the process and answering all my questions. Quick response with informative and easy to understand answers.

Bill B. April 6, 2018
•The combination of timely service and expertise offered by Eric Weber has allowed me to service a very large client a highly satisfactory manner.

Kenneth L. April 6, 2018
•I spoke to Ms Jennifer Alzate concerning the fact that my mortgage company had changed their name and was now called Ditech Financial, LLC, IAAOA. I also furnish the new account number. and the mailing address. I also left a telephone number for Ditech, that she could call if there was any other information such as the FAX number. Ms Alzate was very courteous, very knowledgeable and professional. She was very understanding and patient with me, as I have a hearing impairment, which requires repeated answers at times. I was impressed with the service I received last year and was again impressed with the quality of service I received again.

Carmie W. April 6, 2018
•In all my dealings with the employees of TFIA I am met with courtesy and efficiency. This is very appreciated by me in this fast paced business! Please know there are those of us who recognize it and really do appreciate all you do for us!!

Vicky C. April 5, 2018
•Sarah Keen is always so helpful and efficient. Submitting an application is so easy and quick, it is a pleasure writing with The Flood Insurance Agency!

Bruce D. April 4, 2018
•These people are a pleasure to work with. They are quick to respond and patient with my questions. I wish I would have found them sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of money!

Tony F. March 30, 2018
•I got a policy through a transfer and I keep it I also shopped several other companies to check pricing. I couldn't believe the savings I thought they were mistaken. Well come to find out they were not. The customer service is 2nd to none and ever time I've call they've answered or called me back and made me feel like I had their undivided attention. They we over the policy and made sure my family had everything we needed If you go anywhere else you'll pay to much and the customer service will not even come close to matching.

John B. March 30, 2018
•If the program is as efficient and helpful as Jennifer this company has hired the best. Jennifer was very very considerate and kind. This was on top of being so helpful that I was assisted throughout the entire process. She even took an electric check.. done! How good is she! She took care of a big bureaucratic process. Finally, it’s streamlined and not over bearing. My house has not been flooded and will never be flooded. However, it’s a system that historically really needs a good flush... so to speak.

Pam D. March 29, 2018
•Kiki is such a joy to partner with! Her responses are so timely, complete, and professional. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Marina K. March 28, 2018
•The Flood Insurance Agency is such a pleasure to deal with. And a special "THANK YOU" to Kirk Yates who processed a policy change request in record time.

Kimberlaine J. March 28, 2018
•I would like to leave a commendation for Glorya. She fulfilled my request(s) so expeditiously, I'm extremely appreciative and pleased with her attention and courtesy in handling my requests. You guys are lucky to have her. Thanks for ALL you do for SunTrust Mortgage.

Letitia S. March 23, 2018
•I sent an inquiry to see if our client had renewed 3 of their flood policies to Nicky Jones. Within minutes I received the response that the policies had been renewed and attached were all the renewal dec pages and forms. Thank you Nicky for the quick response and renewal information! Your customer service is outstanding!

Nikki B. March 23, 2018
•Always great service!!! Kyle, Taylor, Glorya, and Jennifer....We at Wiser Agency thank you!!

Debra W. March 22, 2018
•Great, Fast Service! Responded to my email within 5 minutes. Wonderful!

Alicia S. March 21, 2018
•I would like to commend Sarah Keen for going over and beyond for me yesterday (3/20/18). She saved me from a potential nightmare with a client, because of my error. She is a true example of the kind of customer service person that everyone would love to deal with! I am so thankful that she was the one to answer the phone when I called. She deserves employee of the month for sure! Thank you Sarah for making my job a lot easier for a not so happy client of mine! Can't wait to work with you again!

Matthew S. March 19, 2018
•Private Market Flood Insurance gave me a great price on a three year lock in to purchase my home. Their service has been excellent throughout the application process and payment. When calling with questions or assistance there was great customer service given. When I needed documentation regarding payment to complete my mortgage process it was given promptly.

Deena C. March 17, 2018
•Flood Insurance Cancellation-Jennifer Alzate did an awesome job getting info and processing our cancellation successfully. We received our refund check within a week! No problems, no issues. Thank you!!!

Belinda H. March 14, 2018
•Ease of doing business. I have just written a flood policy with TFIA and very impressed with how prompt my email requests have been and how calls were answered by Kyle Lizak without going to a call center or voice mail or operator! I will only write for your company going forward! Thank you for your professionalism. I came to you from a recommendation for price. I'll stay with you for service!

Emily H. March 14, 2018
•Great turn around time. I requested an endorsement change and Kirk Yates got back to me very quickly and was helpful.

Marshall H. March 12, 2018
•Keep doing what you are doing Kyle Lizak!!!! It is a pleasure to work with you on producing flood policies!!! Fast and efficient!!!

Lynn V. March 8, 2018
•She provided wonderful service with excellent turn around time, as I needed that endorsement done like yesterday. Kudos to her!

Robin P. March 8, 2018
•I can't say enough about the customer service I have received with The Flood Insurance Agency and specifically, more recently, Taylor Scheffing. Their response to my email messages are same day and when I phone for any question on my policy they are always excellent to deal with! Although I no longer need flood insurance, I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to call them in the future.

Bethany K. March 8, 2018
•I worked with Justin Bryer on a flood policy for a customer. I emailed him a correction on the application and he had it back very quickly. When I sent in the application for binding he sent me back the invoice almost immediately. He was very quick to response and very courteous.

Fred B. March 8, 2018
•Competitive rates; good communication.

Tammy D. March 8, 2018
•Glorya Pierre honored our document request in a very appreciated way. She responded within moments of our request.

Marie A. March 8, 2018
•Quote process is very easy to use and customer service reps are very responsive & helpful.

Barbara B. March 7, 2018
•Jennifer Alzate made the experience so much easier as her help was not just extremely valuable but she helped my client save over $1400 in flood insurance premium. Jennifer always responded very quickly and just made the sale go smoothly. I will continue to use The Flood Insurance Agency with my clients and look forward to working further with Jennifer!

Nitsa D. March 1, 2018
•I am so impressed with the service I get, especially from Sarah Keen. I get such quick approval on my applications and such quick issuance of the policies, it's like she's my personal underwriter and only handles my business. It's that fast. Thank you Sarah, you make this so easy for our office. We truly appreciate you.

Peter W. March 1, 2018
•I called this morning and Kate picked up the phone and helped me locate a renewal and affidavit which I needed urgently. Kate had emailed the form to me within a minute of hanging up the phone. Outstanding customer service.

William E. February 28, 2018
•Excellent customer service! These guys are one of the few companies that actually have people answer the phone instead of a machine that utilizes stall tactics before routing you to a person that can perform the service in which you are calling about!! Way to go!!!!

Loraine S. February 27, 2018
•I submitted a request to change the mortgagee clause on a policy and before I could enter the activity in our system, Glorya had processed the change and provided an endorsed declarations page. This saved so much time -- everything could be completed efficiently. Thanks Glorya!

Fernanda O. February 22, 2018
•I just wanted to say I am so happy and satisfied with the help I always receive from Glorya Pierre. She is always willing to help me without hesitation. I feel comfortable asking her for help and to even bother her! She is always helpful, patient and very friendly! She makes it so easy to go to her.

Sandra W. February 22, 2018
•Every time I reach out to Private Market Flood, I have been more than satisfied with all the assistance I receive. Everyone is always happy to assist me. Thank you Kaitie!

Robert S. February 20, 2018
•Taylor was a pleasure to work with. Got things done fast.

Beth S. February 20, 2018
•I work for an agency that writes TFIA policies. Your staff is always professional and efficient! The prompt service is always appreciated - shout out to Kiki Cleare for speedy response today.

Samantha L. February 16, 2018
•I worked with Nicky this morning and how easy it was to get our change done was extremely appreciated!!

Kathy M. February 15, 2018
•Outstanding service, always pleasant, quick turnaround with everything, very professional and helpful.

Jennifer H. February 15, 2018
•Flood renewal - changes needed to be made. I sent to Kiki Cleare and she processed the same day. She is amazing!!!!

Rip W. February 14, 2018
•We had an insured that went to their State Farm agents office to sign the cancellation request for their NFIP renewal policy. The policy premium had already been paid but they did this prior to the renewal date per FEMA's instructions to the policyholder. Unfortunately the State Farm agent mailed the cancellation request to FEMA instead of uploading so it was received a day after the policy renewed. We're sure this was intentional. The insured's mortgage company also paid for the Private Market policy and sent the money directly to Gainesville. Now the insured had 2 policies with the FEMA policy not being able to be cancelled and the Private Market policy having a 25% minimum premium. The insured was already upset that they were not able to save the $750 off the FEMA policy and now was going to be out an additional $750 for the minimum premium. Kyle Lizak was very understanding and told us exactly what the insured needed to provide in order to have the minimum premium be considered to be waived. The insured did exactly as Kyle suggested and they were not charged this extra premium. Our agency was also thrilled that this was able to be resolved and the insured can't wait to do another policy next year well in advance. Thanks again to Kyle for really helping out a very nice couple.

Marshall H. February 12, 2018
•Sarah Keen has hands down been the best person to work with on all the flood policies I've written with TFIA over the past couple years. Super fast and highly knowledgeable. Thank you for all you do!!!

Gary R. February 12, 2018
•Fast service. Thanks to Kyle & Jennifer for fast efficient issuing of our first TFIA policy.

Beth C. February 12, 2018
•Nicky Jones is the most proficient person! All of Flood Agency have helped very nicely, but I find Nicky Jones work to be impeccable! Very nice work! It is a pleasure to do work with Nicky Jones. She is so efficient and prompt on getting replies and documents out! Quite amazing the fast turn around on requests! She deserves a recognition! Thank you, Beth Cheetham at Ally Insurors

Tony R. February 12, 2018
•Honest to the point service, great!!!!

Erin M. February 9, 2018
•I couldn't believe how quickly my request was completed!! AMAZING!! Thank you.

Phillip R. February 8, 2018
•Glorya has helped me several times in the past, and she is very fast and efficient. She is great! I just wanted to give her a shout out!!!!! Thanks so much!!!

Tootie H. February 7, 2018
•Your employee did an excellent job..THANK YOU...Give him that $1000.00 bonus that all the other companies are giving out. lol

Serita G. February 6, 2018
•Ms. Glorya Pierre assisted us in a timely manner regarding needing the Flood Assumption form. Thank you all for your fine assistance!

Audrey G. February 5, 2018
•Justin and Taylor Scheffing really helped me out when it came to lowering a client flood policy and super fast service. Thanks to both of you!

Carolanne L. February 5, 2018
•There are no words that can express my gratitude for the kindness and assistance I have received from Kyle and Justin recently. February usually results in high stress levels knowing I will have to work through an agent when dealing with the renewal of my flood insurance policy with FEMA. Between poor customer service and costly premiums, I was looking at either losing coverage on my house, that was built prior to all the flood regulations, and/or having a heart attack. Kyle patiently answered all my questions and worked with me to obtain affordable coverage saving me hundreds of dollars. Justin was just as helpful in completing the application process. To be treated like I was the only policy holder certainly was refreshing. You guys are my hero's and thank you ever so much!

Anthony C. January 31, 2018
•Thank you to Kate and Justin for making a daunting process seemless. The professionalism and kindness is greatly appreciated!

Teresa E. January 29, 2018
•I am a CSPR with Iron City Insurance and Investments based in Sarasota, FL and I want to sing the praises of your employee Kiki Cleare. I request policy endorsements, Mortgagee changes, adding additional insureds, etc all day with many different companies. Kiki is the most efficient, accurate, and friendly person I have worked with. I put my request in and in minutes I have an email with my request done perfectly.

Kimberlaine J. January 26, 2018
•I sent a few urgent requests for a mortgagee update and my requests were expeditiously handled by Glorya Pierre! Thanks so much as time is of the essence on these flood policies!

Donna B. January 26, 2018
•Awesome customer service! I would like to get a word of applause to Glorya Pierre for the Fast & courteous service in processing a change on a policy. She was prompt & very professional & the speed in which she processed my request exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much Glorya Pierre!

Nadine R. January 25, 2018
•Justin was the person who returned my call for a flood insurance quote. I explained why I all of a sudden needed it he suggested I call the Mortgage Company one more time after calling several times a day all week. He walked me through on what to ask for. Keep in mind I had already called them this morning and was giving up. So I did call one more time and this time I was told everything was reviewed again and that I no longer needed flood insurance. My house is in zone X but the detached back of garage is now in zone AE. So the house being in the X zone I will not need to purchase flood insurance. But I will truly believe it when I receive the letter from the mortgage company. You have a great employee with Justin and I could not thank him enough for suggesting I call one more time and what to ask for. I will keep his name and your insurance company on file. Thank you, Nadine

Heather D. January 25, 2018
•I just wanted to share my wonderful experience from yesterday!! I was in need of some information and I needed it quickly. I emailed Taylor Scheffing and she responded with the information I needed within minutes and of course I had more questions, which she was able to answer just as fast as the first request!! I just want to say thank you and GREAT JOB TAYLOR!!

Susanq E. January 25, 2018
•Super customer service! I worked with Kirk Yates on a renewal and he is super quick in responsiveness. He is a great guy to have on your team! He won the Energizer Bunny award for today!!!

John P. January 24, 2018
•Kaitie was very helpful and patient with me. I don't do these often enough to just go ahead and do it without help. Kaitie got me through it with her exceptional patience and knowledge of her business. Many thanks again to Kaitie.

Ryan Y. January 19, 2018
•Justin Bryer was a great help in canceling my full policy and issuing a replacement after moving from an A flood to X500 flood.

George C. January 19, 2018
•In my line of work, I deal with all kinds of insurance providers across the US. Most of these providers are rather difficult and slow when processing even simple requests. Working with your company has been a breath of fresh air. My requests have all been handled in a timely and accurate manner. Nothing but great things to say about y'all. Shout out to Jennifer Alzate who helped me fix some extremely time-sensitive issues with amazing efficiency!

Valerie W. January 17, 2018
•I love writing with TFIA - I personally have had their insurance on my home. So it is easy for me to promote and sell it to my insurance clients. The staff at TFIA, especially Kyle Lizak, make my job a whole lot easier!

Gustavo C. January 17, 2018
•Justin helped me with my request and followed through flawlessly. Great communication and comprehension. Great Work!!!

Erin A. January 16, 2018
•When I called Kyle at the Flood Insurance Agency last week, I was very impressed by his prompt and efficient responses to all of my questions. In less than an hour, he had emailed me all the relevant documentation needed to address an escrow issue with my mortgage company related to my flood insurance. It was wonderful to receive such prompt, friendly, and accurate service in such a short period of time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Linda V. January 16, 2018
•Kyle Lizak was very courteous and professional and provided service without telling me how I could have done it myself. Thank you Kyle.

Jason V. January 16, 2018
•Sarah Keen is like some kind of awesome flood insurance Ninja! She was able to get a policy issued for a customer of ours so that they were able to get to their loan closing done on time in less than an hour! She made it so our agency was able to get the job done where others couldn't.

Debbie C. January 11, 2018
•Taylor Sheffing went above and beyond for a 1/12/18 closing. Her diligence and professionalism are 2nd to none. Kate Burns helped me with another manner for the same insured, but different policy numbers and was amazing as well. What a great group of employees you have!

Tashina P. January 11, 2018
•I would just like to sing high praises of Kirk Yates over at the Flood Insurance Agency. He is by far the quickest and most efficient person that I've worked with over at the Flood Insurance Agency. Any time I've reached out to him for information or policy changes, he is always quick to respond.

Danielle K. January 10, 2018
•Glorya reached out regarding a mutual insured to update their mailing address. When I sent her the correct address, she responded almost immediately! I appreciate her very much!!

Rene L. January 10, 2018
•Glorya Pierre forwarded an insurance policy promptly, what great service thank you Glorya!

Chris C. January 5, 2018
•This company is a pleasure to work with! No matter when or what we need, the response is instantaneous and never once have I experienced any type of delay or errors. The employee's commitment to agents and to their own company is outstanding, very much appreciated and should be well acknowledged!

Kristen C. January 4, 2018
•I'm an agent who brokered a flood policy for one of my clients through TFIA. I have never worked with TFIA before and was unsure of how to do a few things. Jennifer Alzate answered all of my questions and Glorya Pierre helped her process my requests literally within 5 minutes of sending it. I love when companies and their employees are quick and friendly! Definitely makes me want to place future business with TFIA.

Hal H. January 4, 2018
•Justin Bryer has been honestly the best Customer Service I have had the pleasure of working with. He was patient and understanding of the changes that needed to be done on a Policy we dealt with together. I honestly can tell you that if EDIA needs to issue further Flood Policies, I will definitely be working with your Agency and hopefully Justin B.

Hal H. January 3, 2018
•Glorya Pierre had a revised dec page to me in 1 hour that's unheard of in our business. Kudos

David K. January 2, 2018
•Thank you to Taylor and Kate for their great service in RUSH mode. Last minute endorsements needed were handled with efficiency, even when we had to go back a second time. Much appreciated!

Kris M. December 29, 2017
•Kaitie was so quick to help me with my customer! The policy issuance exceeded my expectations. Thank you to Kaitie and everyone at TFIA for the excellent customer service continually provided!

Patricia S. December 29, 2017
•Great Insurance agency...very helpful in saving you money!!

Dan B. December 28, 2017
•Great fast service. Thanks for your company. Without it, it wouldn't be worth keeping some of our properties.

Kristi M. December 27, 2017
•Thank You for your patience and kindness. And for taking the time to answer all of my questions today.

Heidi P. December 27, 2017
•Kiki Cleare provided excellent service and a quick response.

Kristi M. December 26, 2017
•I would like to send out a thank you for all of the people we work with at the flood insurance agency for always going above and beyond for our clients. A special kudos to Eric Weber and Glorya Pierre for their positive disposition, quick response and patience. Thank you!! Happy Holidays to All!

Mary Ann S. December 22, 2017
•Just wanted to compliment Jennifer Alzate on her quick response when asked to provide information needed for a mortgagee. Any time our Agency reaches out to TFIA, all the personnel are ready and willing to assist in whatever we need. Keep up the good work and thank you so much.

Ann F. December 22, 2017
•The system was very to use... When I had to call the company they were all very helpful... the process went very easy. Jennifer Alzate was very prompt in responding and getting the policy to me within half an hour of submitting the signed application. And making the corrections for my mistakes! I have a very happy customer... I will definitely use them again.

Jill G. December 20, 2017
•I just want to acknowledge Kirk's fast response and wonderful customer service as he is always a pleasure to deal with on a daily basis and makes everything so manageable for our agency Thanks again Kirk....

Artuzia L. December 19, 2017
•Glorya Pierre - she has been wonderful to work with!

Dave W. December 15, 2017
•Fantastic service from Glorya Pierre! I am blown away by Glorya's fantastic, prompt, professional service that she provided to me this morning!! Thank YOU Glorya!

Sue S. December 15, 2017
•I want to commend your representative Glorya Pierre. We had a request to change and address on a mortgagee today which we sent to be done. After processing the change the back then called back to inform us the new address was wrong and needed to stay as is so I sent a second email to her and she did it promptly and responded promptly also. Thank her for the good service.

Aerin B. December 14, 2017
•Great customer service! Kyle was so great in helping us get all the documents needed for closing in a very timely and efficient manner. Thank you for your excellent service!

Charyl F. December 14, 2017
•On a day when everything goes wrong Jennifer Alzate's expertise rescued my apprehensions. My phone call was met with immediate resolve. Jennifer's knowledge of the situation answered my questions before they were asked and provided necessary documentation in record time. The Flood Insurance Agency has made my life easy today and I needed to share how thankful I am.

Marlene U. December 14, 2017
•Change request was faster than Santa's reindeer. Hi, Please know that your team member, Glorya Pierre, was awesome fast with the turnaround of a change request. Always appreciate a fast turnaround time on things like this, especially during this time of the year! Great Job! Happy Holidays!

Sharon G. December 13, 2017
•The customer service I received from your company was excellent!!! Thank you so much for the prompt assistance I received.

Marc R. December 13, 2017
•We’ve had the great pleasure of working with TFIA for a number of years. Their expertise, knowledge and customer service is some of the best in the industry. They’ve simplified a seeming complicated process and made it hassle free for both our agency and client base. All the while, reducing expenses for a number of clients. Recently, Jennifer A. went above and beyond to help us secure proof of coverage for a clients rush settlement. That type of service is what keeps us coming back! Keep up the great work!

Julissa H. December 13, 2017
•Kyle Lizak has been very helpful with the process of quoting my insured's flood quote and policy. Very fast, friendly and efficient

Sara L. December 13, 2017
•I called today for a quote for a client. Jennifer was easy to talk to, professional, and helped me within an hour.

Scott W. December 12, 2017
•With the superior knowledge of Justin Bryer's profession, he has saved me a considerable amount of money on my Private Flood Insurance policy. Justin showed me the correct process to go through in order to achieve our goal of saving money. Thank you again Justin.

Tammy D. December 6, 2017
•However many times we have had to comply with a 'RUSH' - 'need a flood for my closing' - 'closing is set for noon today' demand from a frantic insured.. TFIA has come thru! They are the BEST! Thank you Kyle - Kaitie - Sarah - Omar - Jennifer - Kate... and any others that I might have missed ... It is an absolute pleasure to work with you. Best regards.

Penny Y. December 6, 2017
•Kyle Lizak helped me with a flood quote, only my 2nd one and he was very helpful and quick to respond.

Audrey G. December 6, 2017
•I would like to thank your staff for all of their help now and in the past - every one has always been so kind and guided me through any issues or questions I have. The last customer service rep, Jennifer Alzate, really helped me and took her time with me. Thanks again!

Jerry M. December 1, 2017
•Kate is wonderful at service. She is timely & has knowledgeable in her field. I would always recommend her.

Eli Z. December 1, 2017
•We have worked with PMF for a few years now and I feel that the customer service offer to their agents is top notch, especially Jennifer Alzate. I highly recommend them.

Susan C. November 29, 2017
•Knowledgeable & Professional Experience to Share: My name is Susan and I am a licensed MLO with Movement Mortgage as well as a licensed P&C & Life Agent in NC & SC. I had the opportunity to work with one of your agents on a recent file for a mutual client that could have turned sticky for all. However, Justin was a pleasure to work with both for me as well as the client. There was a GIS issue that was out of Justin's control. Those are the hardest to explain to any client or partner, like myself even , and especially explaining it to someone that does not know the in's and out's of insurance. Flood, typically adding to that frustration. The borrower was struggling to understand and typically when that happens its easier to pass it off as blame on one party or the other. Justin worked with me and he was able to convey that we are working for the same goal. Emails were coming in left and right with questions from the borrower, the realtor....from all involved. Justin hung right on with me and was quick to respond and accessible the whole time. THAT is greatly appreciated. Justin and I worked together to keep everyone on the same page, he supported me and I supported him- as we are a partnered team. He was very professional throughout the entire process in addition to being well seasoned on the subject matter. His professionalism and knowledge kept the situation maintainable and workable.It is refreshing to work with another colleague who takes it on as " we are in this together" and focus' to do whatever it takes to accomplish and with the results needed. He is an asset to your company and I really look forward to working with him again and keeping his contact information for future referrals. In any other scenario....the outcome would not have been what it was without Justin on the other end. We appreciate Justin!

Mark K. November 17, 2017
•Kate Burns was very helpful and very polite. She answered my question quickly and accurately.

Jill G. November 17, 2017
•Great Customer Service. I would like to reach out to everyone that I deal with over at John Biggio Insurance Agency and just like to say Kirk Yates has been so professional and responding back within a moments notice I appreciate is great work ethic everyone is much appreciated over at TFIA thanks again for your 100%....

Theresa H. November 17, 2017
•Thank you for helping so quickly! Thank you!!!

Kathy L. November 17, 2017
•Great, Prompt Service! I would like to thank Taylor Scheffing for the quick response to helping with an endorsement. I sent the quote request and had the amount within a few hours. I requested the endorsement to be made at 5:30 EST and had the updated dec page at 5:46 EST, which I wasn't expecting until the next day! Thank you for the assistance and the wonderful helping hand!

Jeff J. November 16, 2017
•Awesome service and always a pleasant experience. I am an agent in Florida and I write with TFIA to save my customers money on flood insurance. I always have a great experience working with them. When you call, they answer the phone and help you with whatever you need very quickly and they also respond to emails very quickly. As an agent it is great to work with a company like this that provides exceptional service to myself and my customers. I would highly recommend them.

Douglas G. November 16, 2017
•Kate Graves was very polite, patient & professional all in one! Listened to my problem, solved my problem & response time was 15 minutes! Very pleased.

Christina R. November 16, 2017
•Wonderful customer service! I would like to send a message in regards to the service from Kyle Lizak. I'm still a fairly new to quoting and issuing policies with TFIA, but I had such an easy time making a change to a client's flood policy for closing. I emailed Kyle about a request to increase the coverage and within 10 minutes, he had already emailed me back the revised flood application. Again, after I sent him the newly signed flood application, he emailed me the invoice within 5 minutes. As an agent, we are so used to underwriters and customer service reps taking as long as they want to send us documents which can hold up closing and anger the clients. Due to Kyle's timeliness and all around great customer service, I will absolutely continue using TFIA. Thank you Kyle for a job well done!

Carl H. November 15, 2017
•I've written to express my satisfaction with your services previously, but I am constantly pleased with how easy it is to work with you especially given the inflexibility of an NFIP policy. My current point of praise is for the speed of service I receive from your firm and, in particular, Jennifer A. and Kyle L. Today I submitted a signed application and I had an answer back from Jennifer within a couple of minutes of sending it in. I have had numerous interactions with her and Kyle where I had some type of request that was turned around faster than I could get a pizza delivered. I can't imagine the act of Congress it would take to make any changes to an NFIP policy when the closing date of a purchase moves or a named insured needed some type of edit. Even the occasional dreaded cancellation is handled quickly and professionally, which makes it easy for me to look good to the end customer. I have a broker pursuing me to move my private flood business to them, but I have made my stance clear. The balance of excellent service and a fair commission is incredibly hard to beat and I won't be moving my business as long as the level of service continues to be above my expectations. Thanks again!

Natalie D. November 9, 2017
•The Private Market Flood Agency is so easy to work with from submitting the application, approval, payment and issuance. Everyone is quick to respond, polite and makes the ease of doing business effortless. Thank you!

Paula F. November 7, 2017
•I have been so pleased with the customer service provided by TFIA. Your representative Kyle Lizak provided excellent customer on a quick turn around agency needed for a closing. Top notch service, very professional and courteous.

Amy B. November 7, 2017
•Nicky Jones turn-around on a policy change and re-bill was outstanding. She is always able to provide a quick response to any questions we have.

Paula F. November 7, 2017
•Excellent, courteous and quick service provided by Sarah Keen. Needed quick turn around for loan closing and agency was taken care of right away.

Doug G. November 6, 2017
•Great service and even better price. Special thank you to Justin Bryer for making me feel like I'm the only client you have. I'm telling everyone I can about this company!

Laurinda W. October 23, 2017
•Great easy experience. I got to talk to a real human being that was helpful and didn't put me on hold! So rare! You even called when I made a mistake on form....within 5 min. I about fell out of my chair.

Jim C. October 16, 2017
•Taylor was very helpful in processing an endorsement for one of our clients who was dealing with a mortgagee's forced placed increased coverage that was unnecessary and extremely expensive. We were able to save our client hundreds of dollars and it took minutes to complete.

Gretchen G. October 13, 2017
•Justin was very responsive, attentive and polite. Answered all questions completely and invited us to contact him again if we had further questions. Great customer service! The process to obtain this new policy was extremely easy and fast. Great to be able to purchase a new policy on the same day of application. Purchasing this policy was cheaper than renewing our prior policy and with more coverage.

Laura R. October 2, 2017
•The quick, reply and diligent service of the on line and phone support staff make this company a winner!! Excellent is an understatement! Many thanks for making this an easy part of my day! I look forward to working with these folks for many years to come!

Bridgett S. September 29, 2017
•Terrific Service! I submitted an application today and I am just so amazed at how quickly applications are is like no sooner than I submitted the application online Sarah Keen had it waiting in my inbox. Thank you so much Sarah...Also want to say this company has the best customer service I have ever seen. They answer any question I have and are always helpful. You all deserve a pat on the back for all that you do.

Raymond B. September 27, 2017
•TFIA’s confident procedures for policy issuance are smooth and complete! As an Independent Agent Principal and witness to 25 years of issuing Flood, best by a long shot. The website quote portal is extremely clear and precise, but when needed TFIA works well with agents over the phone to assure confident policy issuance. Other Flood Services do offer services similar, NOT with the same confident direction. A proper agent/client sales process will transfer this confidence timely and simply.

Ronnie F. September 22, 2017
•This is a great company to purchase flood insurance thru very helpful and pleasant people.

Kim A. September 22, 2017
•TFIA is easy to work with. Quick affordable quotes.

Andrea P. September 22, 2017
•Excellent communication, and pricing - thanks for everything!

Ben B. September 21, 2017
•When we purchased a lake property that required flood insurance, we were pleased to identify The Flood Insurance Agency as a way to meet our needs. The process has been seamless in working with our mortgage servicer, and I'd like to express appreciation for customer service from Taylor, Kate, Eric, and others.

Ned R. September 19, 2017
•Sarah Keen and her team were both professional and efficient. They responded quickly to our client's needs, as well as our calls and emails. We really appreciate working with them and will continue to do so!

Melanie W. September 12, 2017
•Great service year after year. I have always gotten the best service, from setting up my flood policy to each year's effortless renewal. I have saved money while being given the comfort that your company brings to my family with this coverage and customer care. Big thanks, Katie Burns, for all your help with renewal and another year's peace of mind.

Frank H. September 12, 2017
•Kudos to Private Market Flood for handling our claim in such an expeditious manner. My wife and I switched from FEMA flood insurance a couple of years ago for coverage on a rental home. What was attractive about Private Market was that we could set our own policy limits instead of having someone else set the limits for us. We highly recommend Private Market Flood as a smart alternative to FEMA flood insurance.

Janice D. September 1, 2017
•I appreciate your quick response!

Mike M. September 1, 2017
•I would just like to commend everyone on the service that you provide. I wish all of the carriers that I deal with would be as helpful and caring. Everytime I call, I get complete and concise directions and sometimes they have to go through them twice. Their love and professionalism comes through the telephone. Yesterday, I worked with Taylor Scheffing and she was fantastic.

Daniel D. August 31, 2017
•Amazing Customer Service! Great Company! Recently, when my flood policy came up for renewal, I had a few hurdles to jump over with my lender. After getting the payment issue squared away, I discovered information from my lender that would have (if the information was accurate) saved me a lot of money. Well, as it turns out, the info from my lender was grossly inaccurate. Taylor Scheffing, CA Lic #0L79592 was absolutely the best with incredible patience dealing with me going back and fourth trying to sort all this out. Her quick responses to my emails and ability to assist made this whole process seamless. Even though the policy went up a bit, it still has saved us money. Thank you TFIA! THANK YOU TAYLOR!

Karen E. August 31, 2017
•Kyle Lizak was an awesome person to work with, knowledgeable, courteous and pleasant to work with.

Meredith H. August 31, 2017
•I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of the underwriting staff @ The flood Insurance Agency. I worked with a lot of the underwriters and cannot express enough the great service that has been extended to me. This is the perfect example of "team work" I appreciate all of you.

Jeffrey H. August 30, 2017
•One word explains the service we get from The Flood Insurance Agency..... AWESOME!!!

Tammy K. August 29, 2017
•The premiums are great. Saved my one client at least $1000 between a couple of Flood policies and the Reps that are there are very knowledgeable. I worked with Sarah Keen and she was prompt in her responses and extremely helpful!

Larry S. August 29, 2017
•To whom it may concern: I have had the opportunity to work with Justin Bryer concerning The Flood Insurance Agency. I have been in the insurance business for 53 years and my skills at use of the computer and rating are weak at best. Another agent told me about your flood program and I have already thanked him for doing so. When people are not happy they often send in letters of complaint to management but seldom do when they are happy. This letter is to compliment both Justin Bryer and the Flood Program you have. I was able to quote and send in for issue of our first policy with you. The program is even easy enough for this old timer and the assistance provided by Justin Bryer outstanding. I know that Justin is busy but he took the time to assist me and explain what I had to do to quote and request coverage for my client. The attitude the Justin has and the ability to help without making me feel bad was amazing. He is understanding, professional, very friendly and is an asset to your company.

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