Multi-Year Policy

The question we are asked most often is “What will my premium be next year?”. While other companies don’t have an answer for this question, TFIA’s Private Market Flood program offers FOUR solutions to ever-increasing annual flood insurance premiums, including Multi-Year Policy Terms. Pre-Pay in full for a two-year policy guaranteeing no increase for the second year of the policy or Pre-Pay three years premium guaranteeing no increase for three years.

Benefits of Multi-Year Policy Terms:

  • Multi-Year Policy premiums are paid in one lump sum to prevent any potential lapse in coverage.

  • Multi-Year Policy Terms provide peace of mind for up to three years, preventing any surprises on future renewal bills.

  • Multi-Year Policy Terms guarantee a policy will be in force for the specified two or three-year period; longer than the competitor’s one-year policy term.

Multi-Year Policy Terms are now being offered on all new business policies as well as most renewal offers upon request. To receive an estimate for a Multi-Year Policy Term, simply select the "Two Year" or "Three Year" policy term option on our online estimate calculator.


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