Electronic Bank Withdrawal Authorization                                   Click Here to Submit a Payment

Use of electronic bank withdrawal authorization allows The Flood Insurance Agency to provide immediate evidence of flood insurance coverage to both the insured and a mortgage lender. These funds are deducted directly from a checking account in the same manner as when a check clears through a financial institution. Insufficient funds in an account at the time of the withdrawal will be treated the same as if a check were returned for insufficient funds, and the flood insurance policy will be voided.

The Flood Insurance Agency is pleased to offer this enhanced service to our clients as a part of our effort to provide the best flood insurance services possible. The Flood Insurance Agency uses a secure site to protect the privacy of your information.

Payments do not constitute binding of insurance. Payments can only be accepted for:

Premium for New Applications with prior underwriter approval (payments submitted for premium estimates or applications without prior underwriting approval will not be processed)

Premium for Endorsements to current policies with prior underwriter approval

Renewal Offers (payment of renewal premiums must be received prior to the current policy grace period expiration in order to avoid a lapse in coverage).

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