Private Market Flood, underwritten by Lexington Insurance Company, an AIG company, has tailored its rating system to the consumer’s individual needs. We understand the pivotal role that flood insurance plays in the buying and selling of a home, as well as the burden it places on individuals who currently carry a mortgage. With new homeowners, future homeowners and future sellers in mind, Private Market Flood Policy offers a less expensive, more convenient alternative to a FEMA National Flood Insurance Policy. Policy holders that have allowed their policies to lapse and those homeowners with incredibly high premiums due to low elevations will also find our lower rates to be a huge relief to an ever-increasing burden.

While less expensive, a Private Market Flood policy is just as broad, and covers JUST as much as a FEMA National Flood Insurance Policy. The only difference is that we offer less expensive rates, and do not require any sort of documentation, such as an elevation certificate. We, at TFIA , are committed to getting you private flood insurance as inexpensively, quickly, and painlessly as possible. All TFIA's policies require only a 14 day wait (except for loan closings, which require NO wait)! That’s over 2 weeks less than FEMA’s standard wait time.

We understand that flood insurance is necessary, but it does not necessarily have to be complicated. Sign up for a Private Market Flood policy today and simplify your flood insurance experience.

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